Writing Prompt Exercise #1

The pink glove lay on the ground, almost covered completely in the snow that had been falling on it overnight.

This was the glove of a young girl, as it could be told by the small size of it. It had been torn slightly at one of the fingers, too… That girl had to leave it behind to get away.

Earlier that day, her hand was gripped by the claws of a particularly frightening robot. While it did seem vicious and scary…

It really just got curious, not understanding personal space or what was really wrong with trying to grab the little girl. Especially after she’d been so nice to it just a few moments beforehand. She was saying something about holding hands, after all.

Now in the snowy night, the dark robot sat out in the street, its dim red eyes staring to the building that it saw the girl and her parents flee into. Those two adults shooed it off, kicked it away, did anything to rush into the house with their child.

While the robot was generally constructed of blocky shapes, to build its torso and head especially, its hands were sharp looking claws. Its red eyes were rather piercing down to their shape, despite how dim they were. It was quite big and bulky, too. Its feet had those same claws to make them up… But perhaps even bigger.

Just next to this blocky robot was that very same glove… It wanted to try and give it back, but what good would it do? They would surely just kick it around again before it got to try explain anything.

If it had learned what sadness felt like, it was right there on this night.

Eventually, someone sat down beside the robot.

“Here you are.” the man spoke calmly.

The man had a long white coat, short hair cleanly set in spikes atop of his head. Dark and kind eyes behind big and clear glasses. He also currently wore a black scarf, to protect himself from the bitter cold of the night somehow.

“I heard you might have been causing a bit of trouble earlier in the day.” the man spoke, while he could have been scolding the robot, he didn’t sound angry at all. Still as calm as ever. “Which… I’m sure you didn’t do on purpose, but I keep telling you to stop running off.”

With a bit of silence between them, the robot reached out its bulky arm beside itself to pick up that same little pink glove, and hold it up to its calm creator.

Watching this robot was like watching a child to this man, he did make it after all. He reached out and took the glove from the robot’s claws. “You want to give it back, right?”

The robot’s blocky head nodded surely.

“Alright… I’ll go give it back, then we’ll go home.”

The robot’s slanted red eyes watched carefully as the man in the white coat stood from his side to go off to that house. It watched even more carefully as the door opened, and that woman that dragged the girl off opened the door.

They talked for just a little bit, until there was a calm nod and goodbye and the man came back his robot’s way once more. He made a gesture of his hand to get the robot onto its feet.

“Come on,” he offered. “Tomorrow you might just get a chance to apologise for scaring that girl. But for now you need cleaning! You’re covered in snow!”

The robot beeped unsurely… It never realised how much snow really had layered onto it. But the man was right, this was a better time than any to go back home again.

It stood on its feet and wandered after its creator keenly, learning a lesson to take more care in holding onto his sleeve as they wandered off into the snowy night together.

Well, yeah! I really want to do a few writing prompts since I’m going to be yelling about books I’m trying to sell, so uh… Yeah. I guess this is a way to be like “Yeah this is how I write, pls like it”

Speaking of which,

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If you’d want to check it out that would be amazing!


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