Writing Prompt Exercise #2

To his horror, he realised he’d been this way before.


This was the same street where it happened.

Where he’d ran with that woman he was so desperate to save… She was killed, and he was beaten viciously.

“Come back when you’ve got some sense back in you.” the other assassins taunted as they all wandered off from the scene together.

What a joke, Sarx thought to himself. That was a good four years ago now, the little alley by the hotel was barren now. No one really tended to go there anyway when they’d heard about that incident.

Seeing it dragged those painful memories back into his mind, he squeezed his eyes shut as he turned himself around to walk away from it. His hands were stuffed into the baggy red hoodie he wore, to hide his black, bladed metal arm from prying eyes.

His hair was of three colours, red at the top, black at the bottom and a big streak of blonde in his fringe. All that poking out of his hat, and hanging over one of his eyes as it always did.

But walking down the rest of the street was no better…

This place was full of those terrible memories.

As he tried to walk on, he tried not to remember, it all just kept coming back.

This was where they initially escaped and rushed to the hotel for the night, and this was the same street that he sprinted down trying to call for help when everything had calmed down. Begging for anyone to call for help, to see if she would make it.

It was funny really, she joked about adopting him if they ever got out of that mess together…

He gained a small smile on his face. “Sorry, Kayleigh…” he muttered quietly. “I never feel good about coming here. Just reminds me that I let you down…” his smile faded, the young teenager bit at his lip to force himself from crying. He never cried, but this was one of the things that could make him.

That woman wasn’t just anyone…

When she died, she was pregnant. The baby didn’t make it, either. It haunted him every day, that his chance to redeem himself from his terrible life as an assassin was taken from him by the very same syndicate.

At least they weren’t anywhere around here… They only came out this far from the city, to this run down little town, to chase the two of them while they were on the run.

He shook his feelings off to walk on, to get where he needed to be. There was a bounty he had to deal with here…

And he wasn’t going to get it by moping about his past.


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