Writing Prompt Exercise 3

“He was unconscious when I found him!” the young woman insisted, she’d been dragged into a whole detective case just by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. “How many times do I have to tell you that?”

“Please, young lady, I’m sorry for asking so many questions.” the detective responded to her, almost tonelessly. He’d probably been through this routine a thousand times at this point. “I just need to have absolute confirmation of what happened. The young man surely could have died today, had you not called us to come get him.”

The young woman watched the man in his slick black suit carefully, taking a breath after inhaling the tobacco from his cigarette and clouding the air in the dark, small room with smoke. Unpleasant, but he probably wasn’t worth arguing with.

This room only really had one light, a big table and a chair on each side. The door would breathe much light into it if it was open.

“…Is he okay?” the woman asked, out of anxious habit her hand reached up to brush her brown, wavy hair behind her ear. She was a short woman, not the slimmest either, but relatively normal. She wore a hoodie and jeans, today was just meant to be a normal day, after all.

The dark haired detective was silent for a moment, staring off into nothing before turning to her and giving her a little nod. “He’ll be okay.” he answered bluntly. “While you certainly did find him unconscious, it was nothing more. He doesn’t even seem to be injured.”

That was of some comfort, at least. She couldn’t really help but think back to all this just a few hours ago.

She was just minding her own business as usual, on her way home from a quick trip down to the shops to get some simple supplies, some bread and some milk. But something was off, a little out of town…

She decided to investigate, and that’s how she had herself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

There was a group of young people all grouped around, they all fled immediately on the sight of someone wandering over. Checking what on earth they were standing over was… That unconscious young man. She had so many questions, but she panicked and called for help quickly.

And that brought her where she was.

Suddenly, the door opened up and flooded the small and dark room with light at last. It was opened up by one of the guards here. “Sir, could you take our witness to see some suspects we’ve just got hold of?”

“Yes, of course.” the detective answered quickly. He gestured to his anxious witness to stand herself up and follow him out of the room.

She did obey, not really trying to show how glad she would be to be out of that room that was slowly filling up with that guy’s cigarette smoke. Maybe he needed it to stay so calm, but she sure didn’t need it filling up her lungs as it was.

She wandered closely behind him, not to get lost in this maze of a facility. The rooms outside of that interrogation chamber were much brighter, much more welcoming. They even had some pretty nice carpets.

The carpets never lasted too long, though.

They reached a new room, which changed from carpets to clean tiled flooring, and looked through a big window into another big room. This window and its wall seemed to completely split these rooms in half.

But the very moment she really looked over there, she was shocked. Those faces she’d only caught a slight glimpse of, she knew exactly who they were! “It’s them!” she barked immediately. “All three of them were there when I found him!”

“Is that so?” the detective asked curiously. “Sources are telling us that someone knocked the boy out… And ditched him out there, where you found him.” he explained what they had so far. It wasn’t much to go off, but if these really were the correct suspects, things could have started to become much clearer.

The detective’s cigarette wore too short, he pressed it down atop of a trash can before throwing the remains inside of it. “I’m going to be talking to them all.” he said bluntly. “If you want to check on the boy, go ahead. I can tell you’re worried.”

She watched him leave so calmly after he’d said that, he wasn’t even a little bit phased. On top of that, he easily read her thoughts like that… There really was no doubt he’d been through this sort of thing hundreds of times.

The young woman sighed to herself. She could have asked to get out of here right now, really. She could be done with this absolute mess… But she needed to know if that boy was going to be okay.

She paced herself through the station carefully, to reach the room he was being held in… Just like the one she was just in, it was tiled flooring and very clean walls. She felt very awkward to push open the door, expecting many eyes to set on her…

But no one else was in here right now. Just that boy, laid out on a long chair, currently laid down flat.

She crept closer, to study him carefully. She hadn’t really taken the time to study him properly before, he had pretty nice blonde hair and a piercing in his nose. His clothes were a little like hers too, hoodie and jeans.

She sighed to herself. “What happened to you?” she asked quietly. “I sure hope you don’t forget who you are, or anything like that…” the very thought of it was daunting. She shook her head. “You can stay with me if it comes to that, I guess. Until we find out who you are.”

But for now, she could only analyse him here and ask herself more questions as to who this boy really was.


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