Fun Con Memories

To take a little break from my writing prompts, I wanted to use the blog, to well, blog! I just want to recall a great memory I had with one of my friends and my mum while we were at a convention together.

We were browsing all the stalls, because they were full of my absolute weaknesses and I couldn’t walk out of there without at least buying something.

My friend Sophie spotted a cute little Iron Man (she adores Iron Man) Funko. She pointed it out and we showed it to my mum, who at first said something about it being a soft toy.

In the loudness of the con we had to stand there and argue with her for a solid minute that it wasn’t a soft toy, it was a plastic vinyl toy and she was just too used to seeing so many plushies. Probably because I was there, oops.

Her realising why we were laughing so much certainly made the whole process worth it, it was a very fun memory.

I’m pretty sure in the very same con, I was dragged onstage of a cosplay contest because of my pikachu onsie… Dragged into the kid’s contest, I might add. I was about 18 at the time. It was extremely embarrassing.

But I got so salty when everyone got their prizes, I could have got a rad Boba Fett figurine but instead I got given a colouring book. That lady with a minor role in Star Wars…

I wasn’t her biggest fan after all that, but it is very funny to look back on. Cons are generally about making fun memories I suppose.

One day it would be really cool to put together an actual cool cosplay, one that I could actually pull off properly. Maybe one day!


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