Discussion: What’s your favourite game?

It’s so hard to pick a favourite video game. There’s so many, so many genres, it’s endless!

But I always find myself personally coming back to the Pokemon franchise. I absolutely love RPGs, and well, this is a franchise that’s been near and dear to my heart ever since I could ever really hold a gameboy in my youth.

And my favourite game in the series probably has to be the most recent addition in the Alola region, Pokemon Sun and Moon. I myself played Sun, but I suppose it counts for both. I’ll just mention Sun if I call them by name, for that reason.

The region was so fresh, it was so new to not have a Gym Leader to face, instead facing various different trials. They all made you do something a bit different, all leading up to a climactic battle with a Totem Pokemon. I guess they were our new ‘gym leaders’, despite their lack of a real trainer.

The characters were so fresh and memorable. I cared so much about Lillie as she grew closer to us in the game. She grew with us, we watched her go from being timid and unsure to gaining confidence in herself and making so many great friends on her own journey.

She takes the responsibility to help her neglectful and generally not so great mother, after she is left injured by the Ultra Beasts. She was probably the best character development we’ve seen in a Pokemon Game.

Professor Kukui is my favourite character in the whole franchise, too! I just found him super lovable, loved his energy and encouragement throughout the game. He was very quirky in a few ways, I just enjoyed him in every scene.

All the trial captains had their own great little quirks, love all their designs.

But the human characters aside…

You play Pokemon for the creatures themselves, right?

While not my favourite batch of the monsters, I feel like the Alola region gave us some great Pokemon overall. Mimikyu is one of my favourite Pokemon of all time now! I also love Kommo-o, I only wish it couldn’t get flicked and destroyed by a fairy type. Bewear is another fantastic addition. Fluffy is a fantastic ability and well, in the anime adaption, it’s hilarious.

Not to make this a review of the game, but those are just my reasons for enjoying it so much, for it being my favourite game so far. Video games are something a lot of us play, a lot of us hold them very dearly to our hearts.

We all like different genres, different series and different companies.

But in the end, I feel like the important thing is just enjoying what you enjoy, and sharing that enjoyment with whoever you can.

So… What’s your favourite game?


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