Thoughts: Inspiration?

What’s your best source of inspiration?

What gets your creative juices flowing the most?

Personally, I feel like thinking of characters gets me going the most. I love generating different characters and situations in my head, and having the chance to develop them, a little or a lot.

It’s why I have a few too stories for my own good, and I sure wish I tried to understand my love for writing a bit earlier than I really did. Now I really know it’s what I’d love to do with my life.

I just love that you can make just about anyone you want.

The brave and fearless hero? Do it!

The kind and helpful helper? Go for it!

The vicious and heartless villain? No reason not to.

There are so many different personalities and kinds of people to play around with. So much to experiment with and so many different interactions to try out. You can create amazing and meaningful bonds and friendships, or bitter and memorable rivalries and enemies.

All of that, there’s just so much to experience.

A lot of friends to make through having your own stories and characters.

I met some of my best friends through my characters, and we’ve all grown with each other and our characters. It means so much to look to a great friend and see a character I’ve known for years still with them.

It’s even fun to mix such characters together! It can be fun to mash a pair that don’t really belong together in the same situation, sometimes they get on like a house on fire…

Other times it takes them a little time, which is always pretty fun.

Some might not even get along at all.

I’ve sort of gone around in a circle, but honestly characters and their relationships are what make writing so much fun for me. Development is another very important thing I enjoy, whether it be individual or a relationship on the whole.

Like, the ‘shy and quiet person that turns strong’ has been done a lot of times, hell I’ve done it myself, but to approach it differently is what makes it fresh and relatable. They can grow on their own or bounce of the faith of the others around them to toughen them up.

There can be a negative development, too… Someone goes from pretty confident to very nervous and closed in. It’s always fun to see just where a character can end up, depending on what they’ve been through.

Of course, everyone has probably made something they’re not so proud of… An overpowered character, a boring story (I am a victim of this one! A huge revamp saved my life!) …

But growing up and seeing the flaws just helps someone write better. This is a bit of a ramble, I don’t feel like doing a writing prompt tonight, but I really wanted to sort of have a babble about my thoughts on this.

On what makes me inspired in writing so much in the first place.


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