A pretty rad day

I went to my graduation ceremony for my three years at university today.

I never had a great time at uni personally, I was disappointed by a lack of making friends when everyone seemed to tell me that I would make so many, the stress was unbearable and social stress was heavy when I lost some friends (I don’t have many to begin with).


It feels worth it to be able to smile about it. My family being there to watch me walk up onto that stage, shake the hand of the vice chancellor of the university and leave the stage as a graduate.

To see them telling people that they’re proud of me for getting through it, after all the emotional and mental struggles I was having.

I’m a little frightened for the future, a lot of doors feel a little closed off right now, but I’m just dipping my foot into the water in various different paths I can take my life. I always talk negatively about my time there but I did learn some new skills in the thriving industry of gaming.

I also realised just how much writing means to me, and that if I can get my way then that’s where I want to take my life. I stream art on the site Watch Me Work, a streaming community that’s dedicated to joining artists together. I was offered the place of a featured streamer and that feels such an honour to me.

While it does feel like doors are closed, to really look at it, they are open. I just need to figure out how to really step into each of these doors, but I’m sure that will come in time.

I’m happy I set up this blog, I can just jump on and write whatever the heck comes to mind and my creative writing is pretty dear to my heart, so using here to work on writing prompts I found on this generator, and just scribble up short stories about characters and stories I already have…

I guess today was about seeing my life in a positive light. I can be a very pessimistic person sometimes. I have terrible anxiety and I get depressed pretty easily, so I can often just drown myself in the negative aspects of my life.

But right now…

Today has really made me feel good. I hope I can keep this good mood with me for a little while!


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