Writing Prompt Exercise 8

She had followed the woman for days and at last her patience was paying off.

This woman seemed to sneak off the same route every single day, it was finally time to make sense of exactly what she was doing.

She usually ended up in the same alleyway, just waiting for such a long time, and then she would leave. It was clear that something was off here.

While certainly no detective herself, a young girl with bright green hair had made it her mission to follow this strange woman and see exactly what she was up to. She currently wore a black jacket, and some normal jeans.

She crept along cautiously after the woman once again, taking the long route through the streets…

The woman had wavy black hair, but it looked kind of greasy. Her clothes a little torn too, protected by a big coat on top of it all.

They reached the alley that they always ended up in.

The young girl with green hair pressed herself onto the wall , to listen in. To peer around and see if anything at all was happening here… This was going to be the last day that she checked, after all.

It wasn’t too long a wait until this time, something finally happened.

Another set of footsteps crept in from the other side of the alleyway.

“Oh, there you are!” the woman called out, hope in her voice. “I’ve been coming here all week… I was so worried.”

“Sorry,” the voice of a young man spoke up. “I could barely get out of the house without anyone really noticing.”

The young girl was curious as to what was going on now. So this had been going on all week, not just these last few days?

She peeked around her hiding space behind the clean wall, to spot that the young man looked very well dressed. A clean black waist coat and a very nice white undershirt to match it, clean and slick black paints…

His blonde hair was brushed very neatly back to stay out of his face as much as possible. She remained peering from her corner, to see that the young man had reached into his pocket for a wallet, and dug a sum of money out of it and passed it to the woman.

“I’ll have enough to get you somewhere nice to live when I take over my father’s business…” he told her with a small smile, watching her sheepishly take the money from his hand and stuff it into her pocket.

The dark haired woman felt tears in her eyes, she felt her voice refusing to speak from how… Sweet this man was.

“I don’t know why you waste your time with me…” she mumbled softly. “But it means the world to me, after what happened.”

“You lost everything…” he responded with a frown. “And I’m supposed to stay at home and act like I don’t know that? If I can help you, then I will.” he insisted, he seemed very keen to help at all. “Now, this should get you by for another week, anyway. Would you like to go eat somewhere with me?”

“Not so fast!”

Another new voice!

This was getting crazy, the green haired teenager thought to herself. Just what craziness was really going on here?

It was then that she peered around to see another man, with dark and clean brown hair that had entered the alleyway. He looked about as well dressed as the blonde man, but his suit was a little red rather than fully black.

“You thought I never spotted you sneaking out, hmm?” the man asked, almost tauntingly. “So you want to waste your father’s hard earned business on this… This bloody tramp?”

“Shut your mouth!” the blonde man growled back. “Everyone in our family is just selfish! Can’t you look around and see people that need our help? Can’t you imagine what it’s like?”

“Oh, who made you so soft in the head?” the brunette complained. “Take your money back and come. We’re going home now.”

“You’ll have to drag me!”

That sudden challenge saw the young blonde man take the woman’s arm and rush off with her, right at where the little spy they weren’t even aware of was standing! She backed off to try and make it look like she was just passing by casually, the two of them never even noticed her when they darted out onto the streets.

Now she knew what was happening…

She had to try and help, even a little bit.

She wandered out at the right time for the older man to run right into her, again using this facade that she was just passing by here unnoticed.

“Watch where you’re going, stupid girl!” the man growled lowly.

“S-sorry…” she muttered, only glancing up she’d see a rather well groomed moustache on his upper lip, as well as a pretty nice beard covering most of his jaw.

After one last glare, he rushed off away from her to try catch the pair that had run off from him. Hopefully it was enough time for them to get away, she thought to herself.

She felt bad.

She expected it was going to be something shady, something bad.

But it was a young man trying to help a young woman that had lost everything…

Finally putting the pieces together, there was no doubt that girl was one of the only people that survived a nasty fire very recently. She lost her home, her family, her everything.

If she ever saw those two again…

Maybe she could help a little more directly.



Finally finished this freaking prompt! It was giving me a lot of trouble, I had no idea what to do for it…

I got around it eventually, though. I want to use these prompts that way, like I felt like it would have been cheating if I just generated them time and time again until I got one that immediately got me going.

The challenge of the prompt is to work with what you’ve got, I don’t like bending the ‘rules’, and I guess it gets the creative juices flowing to just go with it, even if I did struggle a bit to start with.

Yeah… A bit of a ramble but, after yesterday, it was great to do this at last.


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