Venting: What does it do?

I realised how powerful it really is to vent out your feelings, that little something that’s been bothering you for weeks. You can think about it for days on end by yourself, but the moment you actually talk to someone about it, it feels like weight off your shoulders.

I’m having some troubles remembering some pretty bad times in my life, and I spent many weeks laying awake in bed.

Thinking of what I could have done differently…

Thinking of all my wrongs in the situation.

And most of all stuck in a loop of hypocrisy. Why is it weird that I did the exact same thing that they did to me? Why does me doing it make it weird?

I sat down and after a few hours of goofing of as usual, one of my best friends just listened and let me vent it out. It really did help, I’ve barely thought about it since.

It’s just kind of funny how you can spend so long thinking about something by yourself, when sometimes all you really need is for somebody to listen and understand what you’re going through.

Having someone to talk to is so important. Having people that understand you and want to help you… Is so important.

I certainly don’t have that many friends, but the few I do have are so loving and supportive. Even when my head makes me try to feel like I’m on my own, it’s nice that any of them will hear me out and help me.

And of course, there are other ways to vent, too! Any way to get stress of your chest, I have found pretty valuable along the line.

This includes writing. Whether you want to portray all your frustration in a more creative project, or just writing down all your thoughts and feelings. Don’t stop and think, just write it all down and get it out of your head.

It feels like you’re getting it out somewhere, and can empty all those words on the page out of your head, so at least you’re not stuck with them for a little bit.

Then the other way I find helpful, but it’s just because it’s something I do so often, is drawing what we call ‘vent art’. Art that pours all your negativity into it at that moment, often being a little darker than whatever the person would normally think of.

Again, it’s another way to take those dark emotions and hopefully get them out of your head when the thing is finished.

Well really, the point I’m trying to make is that venting is important. No matter how you do it, it’s very important to get more negative and unpleasant thoughts out of your head and poured into something else.

Venting can really save you some stress! I forget it a lot myself, so I guess writing about it is pretty nice to do, especially after last night.


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