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Reflection: Short Story

There’s a lot of things that run through your head when you can hear your door being smashed at, you think every last hit will be the one to break it, and maybe you’ll be dead in the next few minutes.

She knew nothing more now than to wait somewhere she could lock another door: In the bathroom. She was so anxious, this petite woman paced around nervously in the small room, was anyone even going to come and help her?


Something caught her eye.

Her blue eyes shot to the side, at the mirror on the wall, above the sink.

For just a moment…

She could swear she saw something off in her reflection.

She stared at it more intensely, then she felt her hairs practically jump off her skin with how horrified she became.

“I can deal with them.” her own reflection told her. Her own reflection that had adopted red eyes, and black sockets. Other than that, it was still just her reflection.

“Put your hand in the mirror, and we’ll swap places. I’ll deal with it, then we’ll swap back.”

“H-how am I supposed to trust you?” she muttered, barely able to get the words out of herself. She felt pretty close to just fainting at this point.

“I’m literally you.” the girl on the other side of the mirror tried to argue, not looking so impressed when she did. “Besides, your dog is still out there! If those guys hurt him, I’ll hurt you for not letting me save him.”

What a valid argument, the brunette thought to herself.

That dog was like her own child, she was that kind of pet owner.

“Alright, you got me.” she muttered. “Promise we’ll switch back when you’re done.”

“Promise.” the reflection agreed with a nod. “I have my own dog to take care of, anyway. As cute as yours probably is, I love mine more.” she seemed a little too calm as she reached out on her side of the glass and pressed her hand onto it.

The human girl breathed to herself…

This was it, time to get taken away to a mirror world for a little while.

She reached her own hand onto the glass, and after a quick and strange sensation… She stared around herself anxiously. Everything looked about the same, but there were just differences in the colours around her.

A lot of red, though.

Red walls, red and black tiled floors… It was like the dark, spooky version of her own home. She looked up, to see her reflection with red eyes wave to her keenly.

“Come back here when I’m done. You’ll know.”

With that, her spooky, but oddly friendly, reflection rushed off through the house.

She might be here in this very red world for a while, so she might as well make the most of it. Her counterpart said she also had a dog… So it was worth seeing what that was going to be like here.

It was no doubt they shared a name, so the dog probably still had his own name, too. A common name for a dog, Rex.

She walked herself through a quick walk from the bathroom to her own room, and peered into the doorway. It was open in this world, since of course, no one was trying to bash down the door and probably murder her.

Her room was just as it was in her own realm.

A little messy with some clothes on the floor, but a shelf with some stuffed toys on it, a big cupboard and her cosy bed. Though everything had to look a little bit off, of course.

That including the dog laying on the bed.

Still furry and about the right size, the pup seemed to have two heads sprouting from the neck, and his tail appeared to split into two as well. But he still had the same black fur with a bit of white mixed into it.

He looked a little confused, but the wag of his tail and those blinking for eyes were some sort of assuring, just like her own Rex.

“Hi, buddy.” she waved awkwardly. “We just needed to switch places for a little bit. She’ll be back soon, but I won’t leave you by yourself!”

He shuffled along the bed without really trying to get up, to be in a place where the mirror of his owner could pet at his head. Even encouraging her by nudging her hand onto either of his heads.

Even with two heads, he was still pretty cute.


The reflection decided to be rather direct about her approach to this situation, standing readily at the staircase.

She wasn’t afraid, these people couldn’t even touch her!

People from her realm had horrifying powers that these people couldn’t even imagine, so it was no doubt they’d be made short work of.

Just one last hit, the door swung into the house aggressively, and two men stomped in together. They stopped soon enough, to notice the girl standing on the stairs.

“You been standing there the whole time?” one of them asked mockingly.

“Couldn’t even open the door for us?!” the other chimed in.

“Well, it’s not very encouraging when you’re trying your hardest to break it. Doors are expensive!” the reflection complained. Even if it wasn’t her own home, it was reason enough to get riled up.

“But,” she shrugged. “That doesn’t matter so much. One of you will die now.”

Before one of them got a chance to mock her, she launched her hand forwards, her fingers curled aggressively.

The man she pointed her hand at suddenly struggled and became stiff, he could barely move. But he ached. It got worse each second, his grunts turned into squeals.

“The hell are you doing to him?!” his friend barked, dashing forwards with a knife tugged out of his hoodie.

She was too arrogant, for this man did manage to harm her. Her hand processing the powers was slashed, from the palm to the end of her thumb. She hissed as she fell up a step, the burning on her hand was a terrible pain she never felt before.

But they had only made this worse for themselves.

She launched out her hand again, this time what looked like energy created from her own blood had gripped both of the men from their feet, leaving them to helplessly struggle.

“Ah, that’s better!” the reflection chimed eagerly. “I’ll send you far from here. At least you might learn something… If not, something far worse will happen to you.”

And with a snap of her fingers, the men vanished from in front of her in a few strong bursts of red lights and energy. She looked ahead at the door, and put the time into fixing it.

It was hard for a small woman no matter what kind of mystical powers she had, they sure weren’t built for fixing doors. But she did also make sure to complain to the council, that they needed to come and fix it properly as soon as they could.

Just one more stop until she headed back to the bathroom, she opened her mirror’s room up to peer inside. To see all the clothes messily laid on the floor, but more importantly, the pup sitting on the bed.

He was delighted to see her, scrambling across the bed to reach her and rolling around in demands of some attention.

It was a normal little border collie, black and white fur with big, cute eyes. The reflection reached down and petted at the dog with her healthy hand. “You’re even cute with just one head, Rex.” she told him happily.

But then, as promised, it was time to go home.

She couldn’t be without her own Rex anyway.

The mirror images met at the bathroom mirror once more.

“What happened?” the woman asked with wide blue eyes.

“They’re gone. And I sure hope they’ve learned their lesson.” her reflection answered with a casual shrug. “I got my hand a little hurt, but I can deal with that when I get home.” she reached her hand out to touch the mirror again, already able to see her home waiting for her.

The young woman placed her own hand back on the mirror, and just like before, the two of them switched places again. Back to where they should be.

“If you ever need help…” her reflection smiled at her eagerly. “You know where to find me!”

“Thank you!” she cheered. “I guess sometimes, you really only do need yourself.”

As if it were meant to happen, both were met by their dogs, having the same reaction of looking down at the pup rushing around their legs and giggling softly to themselves. “We can’t play now, it’s time for bed!” they both told their pets at the same time.

“Come on,”

And with that, they left their mirrors to be back in their ordinary lives again.

For now.


Writing Prompt Exercise 6

Another day…

The young woman sighed to herself as she shoved her door open and stepped into her house. It was always nice to hear the pattering feet of her dogs rushing her way to welcome her home again.

She placed down her bags by the door as she accepted their greetings with a few giggles, and that high pitched voice that everyone uses when they’re talking to cute animals.

Judy was a carer of a popular racer on the kart racing scene, but he’d gone off on some crazy adventure, and just left her on break and with enough cash to get her by.

When she finally managed to shoo her dogs back into the house, she dragged her groceries through the hallway and into her large kitchen, then placing the milk in the fridge, the bread in the bread bin, whatever else she needed to do.

But when she finished, turning to face one of her lovely golden retriever… She noticed he had something in his mouth. An envelope, a letter of some sorts. She reached down and took it from her pup’s mouth, fiddling it open and staring at it unsurely.

“I have no idea who that is…” she grumbled to herself. She sorted herself into a lean on the counters of her kitchen, not too far away from her big grey fridge. When she flipped the letter open and her eyes scanned through it quickly, just picking up on the keywords.

Dealing with the racer she usually lived with, she’d gotten used to scanning through big documents that he was too tired to deal with at the time.


That’s where it did get unusual.

“We’re offering a sponsorship to you, and even if you don’t wish to take it…” her eyes got wide as she read on to the last part of the letter. “In this letter we have enclosed a £2,000 cheque, as a gift to your constant charm and efforts out on the track…?”

She couldn’t really believe it.

Where on earth had this sudden windfall come from? Why the sudden reach out for a sponsorship, and even if they didn’t accept it, such a big gift? It was questionable of what to even do.

Judy was frozen at first. What should she do?

She snapped herself out of her daze to rush through her house and swiped her phone into her hands, texting her racer Marquis in desperate hopes that he could call her. If there was a need to drag him away from his crazy adventure, it was right now.

Much to her relief he responded quickly and insisted they call immediately.

Judy dragged her phone to her ear the very moment she pressed at the young man’s name to call him.

“Marquis!” she barked the second the phone stopped ringing in her ear. “Th-this is huge! You got offered a sponsorship, but on top of that… They left us a massive cheque! I’m talking £2,000!”

“What?!” he barked back pretty much instantly.

It was so much to take in within the very first sentence of the call. What the hell was he meant to say?

“…Wh-who are they?” he asked quietly, clearly in his voice just trying to get himself back together.

“I think they’re a big brand clothing company…” she explained bluntly, at least remembering their name. In fact, their brand seemed to litter the race course whenever they were there. “Very sporty.”


There was a thoughtful silence for a moment.

“Get in touch with them… Just ask them if they can wait a little and then we can talk to them a little more professionally.”

“Yeah, sounds good.” Judy agreed, nodding to herself perhaps out of habit.

“And the cheque…” Marquis went on. “…I want you to have all of it.”

“What?! Marquis-”

“Hey, hey, hear me out.” he insisted with a cool sort of mood. “You do so much for me… And heck, I’m stuck with a pair of rich people right now. I don’t think money is of my concerns.” he started explaining, it was a wonder how he sounded so calm about so much money.

Though, perhaps it wasn’t on his mind right now.

“The least I can do, after I left you for god knows how long, is to let you have this. So take it and treat yourself and the pooches. But especially yourself. Okay?”

She was speechless…

Marquis was never a bad person, but this was such a sweet gesture. It was so much money at once, it was a wonder what she could really use it for.

She even felt a tear escape her eye at this whole situation. “…Th-thank you, Marquis.” she sighed softly, a smile forced onto her face. “I’ll see what I can do with it, if you insist… You be careful out there.”

“You too, Judy.”

The call ended, and it was still so much to take in.

Judy sat in silence in her big, comfortable living room, facing the window on her big and very comfortable couch. A lot of light rushed into the room, it was a wonderful day out there.

That cheque needed to be exchanged for money sooner than later…

Judy smiled to herself keenly. “Buddy, Lucky!” she chimed, both of her dogs rushed right to her without hesitation. She petted at their heads even while they fidgeted around her to receive even more attention.

“We’re going to go for a nice, long walk.” she told them eagerly. “And I’m going to get you some really nice leads while I can! And maybe I’ll get myself that bag I was looking at a few days ago…”

They never really knew what on earth she was saying, but their tails both wagged around eagerly just at the thought of going out for a walk on such a nice day.

She’d only just gotten home really, but she was very ready to rush back out and have a great time.

All thanks to Marquis…

She was going to make sure she gave him something amazing for all this.

Writing Prompt Exercise 4

“You have his eyes.” she said softly, when the heated argument had finally blown over.

Her young, teenage son was startled by the sudden soft voice, the sudden solemn words. “Wh-what?” he asked, fighting back the tears in his eyes. “This whole argument started because he left! Wh-why do you need to say that?!”

She remained calm. While she was smiling, there was such sadness in her eyes… She looked like she’d break into tears at any given moment. She sat herself down on the couch behind her slowly. “That man used to be my everything…” she mumbled. “I loved him. I couldn’t wait for you to look up to him, and want to be like him.”

The boy stared in what started as scorn, but it turned into sadness. Why would he look up to a coward that left his family to fend for themselves, to struggle to earn any money at all?

His arms folded, so he could grip his baggy sleeves roughly and avoid any more big outbursts. They were going through enough, he didn’t need to be another burden on his mother right now. “…Y-you need to forget about him.” he spoke again at last, his hands loosening their grip on his sweater. “He’s nothing but trouble. It’s just me and you now.”

She was silent at first, daydreaming. Staring at the wall, barely even moving.

She looked back at her son again, having taken in his words. Her own sweater was hiding her hands in it, her whole posture closed into herself. “…It’s hard.” she muttered. “I wanted a life with him. With you. A family…”

“You have a family!” the boy barked. “I’m your family!”

That was the final line to be tread.

The mother collapsed into her own arms, sobbing loudly to herself. How could she be so stupid? Everyone around her always said that man was nothing but trouble. As soon as he’d wasted away his gambling addiction, all the money she gave him, he left.

He never even said anything, he just left a note to declare his leaving.

“Fuck…” the boy muttered to himself. He inched himself forwards to sit on the couch at his mother’s side, and carefully placed a hand on her back. “I-I’m sorry,” he started with a bit of a panic. “I’m just so angry. You’ve given up so much for me… And I’m just so angry that anyone could do this to you.”

Her sobs got quieter, she finally gained the strength to lift herself up, and wipe at her eyes. Even finding a smile again. “In a way… You’re more a man than he ever has been…” she mumbled to herself.

He was surprised, but couldn’t help smiling at the comment. This was all he wanted… For her to adapt to life without that stupid man. He never liked him, he was just greedy and never put himself at risk for anybody.

But here, his wonderful mother… If she had to give up her own happiness to give her son even the slightest bit of joy, she would do it. There’d been several times where she was going to get herself something, but her son asked for something too. Not wishing to disappoint him, she’d put away what she wanted just to get what he asked for.

It was only in recent years that he really understood that.

“I’ve got to go to work.” he told her softly, standing from his place on the couch. “Take it easy, since it’s your day off… Watch those stupid soap operas you always watch.”

“They’re not stupid…” she retaliated calmly. “They’re interesting.”

You just cheated on me for the fifth time!

He couldn’t keep mocking in his squeaky voice for too long, before his mother threw one of her cushions at him to have him stop, the two of them laughing through it together.

It was on that note that the young boy left for work, it was a great thing to leave on at least.

But when he was done…

He had an idea.

He’d been thinking about this for a while, and now that his lowlife father was gone, he’d be able to do it!

Downtown, he wandered the busy streets, by a lot of the more famous stores until reaching the end of the street. Separated off from all the stores was one particularly big building, it might as well have had its own street.

The teen wandered his way in the big, metallic building, hands tucked in the pockets of his neat work uniform. He was just a retailer, but it was a good enough job for him. When he stepped into the building, he stepped right through the big room to reach the counter at the side.

“Hey,” he greeted. “Could I have a look at what you’ve got?”

“Yes, of course.” the man at the counter answered bluntly, as he’d just finished scribbling something down one the papers in front of him. Looking up is when he really recognised the boy, a bit of a bright smile coming to him. “Think this is the day?”

“It is, yeah.” the boy nodded. “I just need the perfect one!”

With permission, he walked away from the reception area and into the main chunk of this huge building… A huge set of lanes of cages, all with different sorts of pets just waiting to be adopted.

His mother loved dogs. She had one when she was younger, before he was born. She always preached that rescue dogs were so much more deserving of what they had, and today was the day this boy would make her proud.

It was hard to walk by, and watch them all get excited and bounce forwards, barking and whining for his attention as he walked by. They were all very cute, that was for sure. But he needed the right one. The one that needed him and his mother more than the others.

It was about halfway down his walk that he peered into a cage… And saw one timid dog, perhaps the only one that hadn’t dashed forwards when he got closer. He wondered why to start with, his head tilted as he grew more curious. He stepped closer to this cage and crouched by it. “Hey.” he spoke softly. “What’s wrong, little guy?”

It was when he approached it that it seemed to get more excited. But when it stood from laying in the corner, it could be seen that this poor grey husky only had three legs. It hobbled to the front of the cage, licking at the teenager’s hand whenever it could.

He watched it with a light smile… This was the one.

“I’ll be right back.” he spoke with a grin.

He went through the process of going back to the front and explaining which he wanted. He received some papers, paid what he had to and of course got a brief explanation of the dog he was taking.

She was a timid thing, but really perked up upon getting attention. Quick approaches seemed to startle her, so it was best to be gentle and slow. She was the type to quickly get affectionate and lay around with her owner, too.

It was perfect.

The boy took his new friend on her soft red leash, to get her home.

After her first walk, the boy opened up the door to his house and whispered to his new dog to be quiet. This was going to be a surprise, he’d been saving up for this for weeks. He peered himself into the front room, to see his mother was still there.

Now in a change of pyjamas, at least she looked comfortable. “Hiya.” she greeted. “You’re a bit late. Go out with your friends for a bit?”

“No…” he answered with a playful roll of his eyes. “But I made a new one.”


Making his reveal, he wandered into the room with his new husky. The gasp from his mother was a big one, she had no idea what was really happening, if this was even real. That dog was beautiful…

She hobbled over to the woman carefully, her tail started wagging around gently when her hand reached out to softly pet at her head.

“Jason…” she muttered through tears of disbelief. “You…?”

“She’s ours now.” Jason smiled warmly. “We don’t need that rat in this house… But we need someone like Peggy here… To keep our spirits up.”

He expected to be left rambling for a while but instead was dragged into a hug by his mother, she hugged onto her precious son tightly. She’d darted off her seat to reach him.

“Jason… You’re amazing. I love you.” she mumbled, as best as she currently could. She felt a little nudge at her leg, letting go of her son and looking down to see that lovely dog he’d brought back home. “You’re going to love it here, I’m sure!”