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The power of Nostalgia

I’ve been having a very nostalgic day.

A nostalgic day that saw me sitting and watching through all 300 of the tower challenges in Mortal Kombat 9. Yeah…

Pretty lame in some people’s eyes, but it brings me a lot of great memories.

You see, one of my best friends has gotten back into fighting games, particularly Marvel Vs Capcom 3, we played it so much together a few years ago. He’s gotten back into it and brought me a lot of great memories.

But it also got me thinking about the other games we were playing around the same time. One of those was indeed Mortal Kombat 9. We beat the story mode together (much frustration with the final boss. He took about half an hour for us to beat.), we beat a bunch of arcade modes together to see the cheesy endings.

And what most people spend a lot of their time on that game on… We beat the 300 challenge tower together.

The missions all vary on the character and objective. We’d pass the controller to whoever liked the character better, and on the missions where you got to choose, it was just sort of a back and forwards until someone finally did it.

It’s pretty weird to be so nostalgic for a game that isn’t even that old. It isn’t even that old and it barely holds up to the same graphical quality as Mortal Kombat X… But it still holds a special place in my heart.

All those great memories and so many more.

I just got very invested in that nostalgia today and well… That led me to a five hour video (that I’m still watching as I write this) of the challenge tower! I could have forgotten how frustrating the very last challenge was if I didn’t watch it take some pretty skilled players about 8 hours to beat it.

Damn Shao Kahn, man. He’s never easy but he’s a bit ridiculous in that game, haha.

Essentially the point is, nostalgia can make you do some pretty wacky things! It’s great to remember such good times when so many darker ones are going on right now. Remembering jokes, the game itself, just a lot of little things that completed the experience for us both.

I wonder if I’ll get so into this nostalgia that I’ll watch the story mode again, too…

But I digress.

As long as ‘nostalgia glasses’ don’t prevent you seeing any flaws in anything, I honestly feel like having such an old fondness of something can be the best thing to happen to you. So maybe a few years in the future you’ll stop and remember it, and maybe even go on a happy trip down memory lane as I have today.

A bit of a mellow entry today, but I just wanted to talk about how… Peaceful this nice little nostalgia trip has made me.

Are you very nostalgic for something that’s not really so ‘old’?


Writing Prompt Exercise 8

She had followed the woman for days and at last her patience was paying off.

This woman seemed to sneak off the same route every single day, it was finally time to make sense of exactly what she was doing.

She usually ended up in the same alleyway, just waiting for such a long time, and then she would leave. It was clear that something was off here.

While certainly no detective herself, a young girl with bright green hair had made it her mission to follow this strange woman and see exactly what she was up to. She currently wore a black jacket, and some normal jeans.

She crept along cautiously after the woman once again, taking the long route through the streets…

The woman had wavy black hair, but it looked kind of greasy. Her clothes a little torn too, protected by a big coat on top of it all.

They reached the alley that they always ended up in.

The young girl with green hair pressed herself onto the wall , to listen in. To peer around and see if anything at all was happening here… This was going to be the last day that she checked, after all.

It wasn’t too long a wait until this time, something finally happened.

Another set of footsteps crept in from the other side of the alleyway.

“Oh, there you are!” the woman called out, hope in her voice. “I’ve been coming here all week… I was so worried.”

“Sorry,” the voice of a young man spoke up. “I could barely get out of the house without anyone really noticing.”

The young girl was curious as to what was going on now. So this had been going on all week, not just these last few days?

She peeked around her hiding space behind the clean wall, to spot that the young man looked very well dressed. A clean black waist coat and a very nice white undershirt to match it, clean and slick black paints…

His blonde hair was brushed very neatly back to stay out of his face as much as possible. She remained peering from her corner, to see that the young man had reached into his pocket for a wallet, and dug a sum of money out of it and passed it to the woman.

“I’ll have enough to get you somewhere nice to live when I take over my father’s business…” he told her with a small smile, watching her sheepishly take the money from his hand and stuff it into her pocket.

The dark haired woman felt tears in her eyes, she felt her voice refusing to speak from how… Sweet this man was.

“I don’t know why you waste your time with me…” she mumbled softly. “But it means the world to me, after what happened.”

“You lost everything…” he responded with a frown. “And I’m supposed to stay at home and act like I don’t know that? If I can help you, then I will.” he insisted, he seemed very keen to help at all. “Now, this should get you by for another week, anyway. Would you like to go eat somewhere with me?”

“Not so fast!”

Another new voice!

This was getting crazy, the green haired teenager thought to herself. Just what craziness was really going on here?

It was then that she peered around to see another man, with dark and clean brown hair that had entered the alleyway. He looked about as well dressed as the blonde man, but his suit was a little red rather than fully black.

“You thought I never spotted you sneaking out, hmm?” the man asked, almost tauntingly. “So you want to waste your father’s hard earned business on this… This bloody tramp?”

“Shut your mouth!” the blonde man growled back. “Everyone in our family is just selfish! Can’t you look around and see people that need our help? Can’t you imagine what it’s like?”

“Oh, who made you so soft in the head?” the brunette complained. “Take your money back and come. We’re going home now.”

“You’ll have to drag me!”

That sudden challenge saw the young blonde man take the woman’s arm and rush off with her, right at where the little spy they weren’t even aware of was standing! She backed off to try and make it look like she was just passing by casually, the two of them never even noticed her when they darted out onto the streets.

Now she knew what was happening…

She had to try and help, even a little bit.

She wandered out at the right time for the older man to run right into her, again using this facade that she was just passing by here unnoticed.

“Watch where you’re going, stupid girl!” the man growled lowly.

“S-sorry…” she muttered, only glancing up she’d see a rather well groomed moustache on his upper lip, as well as a pretty nice beard covering most of his jaw.

After one last glare, he rushed off away from her to try catch the pair that had run off from him. Hopefully it was enough time for them to get away, she thought to herself.

She felt bad.

She expected it was going to be something shady, something bad.

But it was a young man trying to help a young woman that had lost everything…

Finally putting the pieces together, there was no doubt that girl was one of the only people that survived a nasty fire very recently. She lost her home, her family, her everything.

If she ever saw those two again…

Maybe she could help a little more directly.



Finally finished this freaking prompt! It was giving me a lot of trouble, I had no idea what to do for it…

I got around it eventually, though. I want to use these prompts that way, like I felt like it would have been cheating if I just generated them time and time again until I got one that immediately got me going.

The challenge of the prompt is to work with what you’ve got, I don’t like bending the ‘rules’, and I guess it gets the creative juices flowing to just go with it, even if I did struggle a bit to start with.

Yeah… A bit of a ramble but, after yesterday, it was great to do this at last.

Short Story: Baby Octopus

It was always a little suspicious when things were quiet in this house.

Franz was a man that lived with his niece, and what some would call his odd choice of a pet, his baby octopus, Berry.

While certainly the young creature had a good heart, it was also still just that, young. Mischievous, always craving attention in any way that it could get some.

On this night, Franz had just hung up his white coat on a rack close to the door, and fumbled his hand on the wall to flick on the light switch. This room was the biggeset in his house, one of the walls was entirely occupied by a huge tank of water, there was a very cute little set of steps that led into it on one side.

There wasn’t much else to this room. Clean solid tiles on the floor and a very cutesy wallpaper, themed around cute cartoon aquatic life.

The blonde man wandered in, now free of the flowing white coat just left with a blue shirt rolled up to his elbows and a pair of slick, blank pants. His hair was quite a mess and a pair of goggles sat in it, a pair of scars tore through his eye. His face was totally rounded off by a rather fluffy beard, too.

He brought his attention to the huge tank taking up half of the room, leaning closer to scan his eyes around it until he could find his little culprit.

Some of his research papers had ‘mysteriously’ vanished, but really, he knew what had happened. If Berry wasn’t satisfied with the amount of play time that he got that day, then the rest of the house was going to know about it.

“Berry,” Franz started. While his voice was lightly scolding, he never sounded particularly angry. Rather calm, honestly. “If you’re going to run off with my papers, could you not make it my research, please?”

Movement swished around in the water of the huge tank, a rubber toy got bumped out of the way a little before the tiny red creature popped onto the surface of the water to look up at his carer.

Berry always looked rather happy, just by the shape of his eyes. The slits that would be his pupils always seemed slanted, in a way that made him look happy. There wasn’t much to his rounded body and short tentacles, other than the fact that the one at the very front of him was metal. It matched the others in length, though.

He stayed there quietly.

Franz folded his arms and raised a brow. “You know what I’m talking about!” he added insistantly. “Well, this is better than you taking Krista’s homework. You know how hard it is to convince her teachers that a baby octopus stole her work and got it all ruined in the water?”

Right as he finished, one of the tentacles wiggled around to drop a very wet clump of papers on the ground.

It just took Franz one little glance to see that the ink was ruined, and if he even tried to touch them they were probably just going to shred up right in his hands. He rolled his eyes, at least it was all stuff he could reproduce rather easily.

He reached into the tank to take the small creature out of it, holding him carefully in his arms. “If I play with you before bed, you’ll be good until the morning, right?” he asked unsurely. The wriggling he could feel in his arms only told him ‘yes’, so it was motivation enough to keep the young one entertained for a little while.

Perhaps if he had time to stay on top tomorrow, all of his work could stay in tact for once!

At the corner of the room that wasn’t occupied by the tank was a plastic box, full of various toys. A lot of plastic toys, more than anything. Franz carried his little friend over there before gently placing Berry back on the ground.

The little red octopus waddled off, his metal leg clicking against the tiles of the ground quietly as he rushed over to the toy box. He seemed spoiled for choice, shuffling his tentacles around the box trying to find something to grab.

Franz crawled over to look into the box too, trying to remember just which toys kept the octopus the most occupied. He always seemed to enjoy the little cars for some reason, perhaps because they were such an alien concept to his species in the first place.

Seemingly right as he thought about it, a little bright red truck was dragged out of the box and placed on the ground. Berry pushed it back and forth a few times, before pushing it at Franz.

It bumped into his leg, he looked down at it with a little smile. “Hold on,” he started. He shuffled his own hand through the box and grabbed a little plastic toy of a man. It was very thick and blocky, but a lot of them were.

“The truck can’t drive if it doesn’t have a driver.” Franz grinned a little as he opened the tiny door to the toy and placed the man inside the truck, then pushing it back across the smooth ground for it to land back in Berry’s tentacle.

It seemed to thrill him, he was even happier to push the toy around now. Not even stationary anymore, using the rest of his legs to waddle around the big room as he guided the little truck under his ‘arm’.

Franz watched closely.

Of course it was some sort of precious watching the little guy enjoy pushing the thing around so happily, it was like watching a human child play with something in a way. Octopuses were very smart creatures, one thing that Franz aimed to prove to the world.

After all, why else would Berry steal his research and drag it into his tank if he wasn’t so smart? He knew exactly what he was doing.

It was just a little while of Berry playing around with the toys, and picking out a few more and pushing them at Franz to help him get started with them until enough time had rolled along.

It ended rather instantly honestly, Berry just stopped playing and sat on the ground instead.

Franz rolled his eyes a little before he came over and picked up the little octopus, holding him carefully as he wandered over to the opening in the tank again to carefully place his little pet back down into the water again.

He stood back to admire the little creature having peacefully started sleeping so quickly…

“Good night, little guy.” he mumbled softly. “Sleep well.”

Writing Prompt Exercise 6

Another day…

The young woman sighed to herself as she shoved her door open and stepped into her house. It was always nice to hear the pattering feet of her dogs rushing her way to welcome her home again.

She placed down her bags by the door as she accepted their greetings with a few giggles, and that high pitched voice that everyone uses when they’re talking to cute animals.

Judy was a carer of a popular racer on the kart racing scene, but he’d gone off on some crazy adventure, and just left her on break and with enough cash to get her by.

When she finally managed to shoo her dogs back into the house, she dragged her groceries through the hallway and into her large kitchen, then placing the milk in the fridge, the bread in the bread bin, whatever else she needed to do.

But when she finished, turning to face one of her lovely golden retriever… She noticed he had something in his mouth. An envelope, a letter of some sorts. She reached down and took it from her pup’s mouth, fiddling it open and staring at it unsurely.

“I have no idea who that is…” she grumbled to herself. She sorted herself into a lean on the counters of her kitchen, not too far away from her big grey fridge. When she flipped the letter open and her eyes scanned through it quickly, just picking up on the keywords.

Dealing with the racer she usually lived with, she’d gotten used to scanning through big documents that he was too tired to deal with at the time.


That’s where it did get unusual.

“We’re offering a sponsorship to you, and even if you don’t wish to take it…” her eyes got wide as she read on to the last part of the letter. “In this letter we have enclosed a £2,000 cheque, as a gift to your constant charm and efforts out on the track…?”

She couldn’t really believe it.

Where on earth had this sudden windfall come from? Why the sudden reach out for a sponsorship, and even if they didn’t accept it, such a big gift? It was questionable of what to even do.

Judy was frozen at first. What should she do?

She snapped herself out of her daze to rush through her house and swiped her phone into her hands, texting her racer Marquis in desperate hopes that he could call her. If there was a need to drag him away from his crazy adventure, it was right now.

Much to her relief he responded quickly and insisted they call immediately.

Judy dragged her phone to her ear the very moment she pressed at the young man’s name to call him.

“Marquis!” she barked the second the phone stopped ringing in her ear. “Th-this is huge! You got offered a sponsorship, but on top of that… They left us a massive cheque! I’m talking £2,000!”

“What?!” he barked back pretty much instantly.

It was so much to take in within the very first sentence of the call. What the hell was he meant to say?

“…Wh-who are they?” he asked quietly, clearly in his voice just trying to get himself back together.

“I think they’re a big brand clothing company…” she explained bluntly, at least remembering their name. In fact, their brand seemed to litter the race course whenever they were there. “Very sporty.”


There was a thoughtful silence for a moment.

“Get in touch with them… Just ask them if they can wait a little and then we can talk to them a little more professionally.”

“Yeah, sounds good.” Judy agreed, nodding to herself perhaps out of habit.

“And the cheque…” Marquis went on. “…I want you to have all of it.”

“What?! Marquis-”

“Hey, hey, hear me out.” he insisted with a cool sort of mood. “You do so much for me… And heck, I’m stuck with a pair of rich people right now. I don’t think money is of my concerns.” he started explaining, it was a wonder how he sounded so calm about so much money.

Though, perhaps it wasn’t on his mind right now.

“The least I can do, after I left you for god knows how long, is to let you have this. So take it and treat yourself and the pooches. But especially yourself. Okay?”

She was speechless…

Marquis was never a bad person, but this was such a sweet gesture. It was so much money at once, it was a wonder what she could really use it for.

She even felt a tear escape her eye at this whole situation. “…Th-thank you, Marquis.” she sighed softly, a smile forced onto her face. “I’ll see what I can do with it, if you insist… You be careful out there.”

“You too, Judy.”

The call ended, and it was still so much to take in.

Judy sat in silence in her big, comfortable living room, facing the window on her big and very comfortable couch. A lot of light rushed into the room, it was a wonderful day out there.

That cheque needed to be exchanged for money sooner than later…

Judy smiled to herself keenly. “Buddy, Lucky!” she chimed, both of her dogs rushed right to her without hesitation. She petted at their heads even while they fidgeted around her to receive even more attention.

“We’re going to go for a nice, long walk.” she told them eagerly. “And I’m going to get you some really nice leads while I can! And maybe I’ll get myself that bag I was looking at a few days ago…”

They never really knew what on earth she was saying, but their tails both wagged around eagerly just at the thought of going out for a walk on such a nice day.

She’d only just gotten home really, but she was very ready to rush back out and have a great time.

All thanks to Marquis…

She was going to make sure she gave him something amazing for all this.

Short Story (Two Sides) + book reminder!

Despite being the next in line to be the greatest mind of his nation, Lylen always had issues with teamwork when he was younger.

The dark haired boy was very intelligent and seemed to have a sixth sense for design on just about anything, but when it came to working in a team, he clammed up, he got angry, he was much more stressed in general.

While his mentor Blaine was very patient with him…

He wasn’t so patient with their neighbouring kingdom’s next science lead in mind, Roderick.

That boy seemed to have it all. He was just as smart, just as in tune with design, but he was also a great team player. He would crack a joke and calmly introduce his ideas and he’d have a team following him in no time.

Lylen hated it.

He hated how it impressed Blaine so much.

Blaine was his idol and hero, who was this happy-go-lucky kid to come and steal his attention away?

It was another session in Ilpha’s labs, and all the students from the two kingdoms had been set onto tasks to get them thinking. The task to design an interesting energy source.

Not too bad, Lylen thought to himself. He slipped his pen into his hand and started jotting down various notes and scribbling down designs that came to his mind. Perhaps energy from various different elements could be harnessed, carefully translated into energy…

He was engrossed in his work, he paid no attention to the room of desks around him. He always found himself sitting at the front of the room, so he wouldn’t have to look around and see all the others around him.

The room around him was a rather big room with blue walls and clean white tiled floors. All the desks were laid out in symmetrical rows, all facing forwards to a big wall with a desk and a white board behind it.

After a little while, he finished his ideas to his liking, and placed his pen down looking rather satisfied. The quiet around him told him that all the other students in their matching white coats and silky uniforms were still going.

But glancing to his side, he could see that Roderick appeared to be finished as well. And seemed to glance his way at that right moment. Even the boy’s brown eyes looked welcoming and soft…

Lylen glared away with his much more intense yellow eyes, hidden behind his thick green glasses lenses.

“Hey,” Roderick spoke up softly. “What did you come up with?”

Lylen glared his way without turning his head, leaning himself forwards to rest his arms on his desk, to sit in a lazy slouch.

“…Element generators.” he grumbled lowly.

“Oh, cool.” Roderick answered with a small smile. He looked down at his own paper, feeling the need to explain his own ideas after having asked. “I was thinking about generators, but like… With Witches and Wizards around again, maybe their magic could help power them without them being damaging?”

There he went again…

So friendly, yet somehow, having good ideas. It infuriated Lylen every damn time.

He never answered, and glared away once more. He was such a difficult boy to try and talk to, it was a wonder how anyone could try at all.

Eventually they were stopped by their mentors, and after a brief lecture, their current lesson drew to a close and they were allowed a break at last. While most of the students rushed off in their own groups, the elven scientist Rythen had taken Roderick with him, since he was his chosen student.

It left just Lylen in the classroom with Blaine, he came to the front to stand at the desk Blaine sat behind.

The man with thick, black curly hair glanced his dark green eyes at the young boy for a moment. “You don’t seem very happy.” he commented bluntly.

“Am I ever?” Lylen puffed out a sigh.

Blaine shook his head, even a playful smile had come to him. “You are occasionally… Only when your mother is around, it seems.”

Lylen pouted at the remark, folding his arms close to his chest. “Well…”

“What’s wrong?” Blaine asked suddenly, shoving the papers he was briefly looking at away from himself to focus his attention on Lylen. He seemed to be the only one that wore a pale green coat rather than a white one. His silky blue clothes were similar to the Ilpha students, despite being their teacher.

It was hard to admit.

Lylen always had this issue, of watching that Roderick boy succeed, watching everyone enjoy his company…

While he remained secluded in his own personal bubble.

“…Do you still think… That Roderick guy is better than me?” he asked with a frown, what were usually his cold and distant eyes had gone wide with hurtful curiosity.

Blaine was honestly surprised by the remark. “Still?” he repeated unsurely. “Who has ever told you he’s better than you?”

This time it was Lylen to get a little shocked by what he heard, he stumbled around in his mind for a little bit. “W-well, it’s just, he always gets so much praise! You praise him all the time, and Rythen always does it too… I-I never get that sort of praise. I… I guess I’m a little jealous.”

Blaine sighed softly to himself, at least being calm about understanding the problem. He was a young boy, of course he was going to get a bit jealous if someone seemed to be doing things a bit better than he was.

“We praise him because he has a really good attitude.” Blaine started calmly. “He always supports the other students, even you, as much as you push it away.” he went on, leaning himself comfortably on the desk in front of him. “We praise anyone when they do well… Don’t forget that I can always commend your hard work. I just can’t praise you for being so uncooperative with your classmates, I can’t encourage you to keep acting like that.”

It was hard for Lylen to really grasp acting any differently, but at least he understood. He always seemed to let any praise at all that he got slip his mind whenever he watched Roderick getting it all.

But that was just because he deserved it. He was hardworking and always ready to help.

Lylen nodded his head slowly. “…D-do you want to get a snack with me?” he asked bashfully, his hands fumbling around unsurely with his white sleeves.

“Sure.” Blaine answered bluntly. “I could go for something right now. Come on.”

A short story based on the youth of Lylen, from my story Two Sides!

You can still buy the book here: https://www.createspace.com/7276274 And it’s also on Amazon Kindle if you’re interested!

Fun Con Memories

To take a little break from my writing prompts, I wanted to use the blog, to well, blog! I just want to recall a great memory I had with one of my friends and my mum while we were at a convention together.

We were browsing all the stalls, because they were full of my absolute weaknesses and I couldn’t walk out of there without at least buying something.

My friend Sophie spotted a cute little Iron Man (she adores Iron Man) Funko. She pointed it out and we showed it to my mum, who at first said something about it being a soft toy.

In the loudness of the con we had to stand there and argue with her for a solid minute that it wasn’t a soft toy, it was a plastic vinyl toy and she was just too used to seeing so many plushies. Probably because I was there, oops.

Her realising why we were laughing so much certainly made the whole process worth it, it was a very fun memory.

I’m pretty sure in the very same con, I was dragged onstage of a cosplay contest because of my pikachu onsie… Dragged into the kid’s contest, I might add. I was about 18 at the time. It was extremely embarrassing.

But I got so salty when everyone got their prizes, I could have got a rad Boba Fett figurine but instead I got given a colouring book. That lady with a minor role in Star Wars…

I wasn’t her biggest fan after all that, but it is very funny to look back on. Cons are generally about making fun memories I suppose.

One day it would be really cool to put together an actual cool cosplay, one that I could actually pull off properly. Maybe one day!