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Reflection: Short Story

There’s a lot of things that run through your head when you can hear your door being smashed at, you think every last hit will be the one to break it, and maybe you’ll be dead in the next few minutes.

She knew nothing more now than to wait somewhere she could lock another door: In the bathroom. She was so anxious, this petite woman paced around nervously in the small room, was anyone even going to come and help her?


Something caught her eye.

Her blue eyes shot to the side, at the mirror on the wall, above the sink.

For just a moment…

She could swear she saw something off in her reflection.

She stared at it more intensely, then she felt her hairs practically jump off her skin with how horrified she became.

“I can deal with them.” her own reflection told her. Her own reflection that had adopted red eyes, and black sockets. Other than that, it was still just her reflection.

“Put your hand in the mirror, and we’ll swap places. I’ll deal with it, then we’ll swap back.”

“H-how am I supposed to trust you?” she muttered, barely able to get the words out of herself. She felt pretty close to just fainting at this point.

“I’m literally you.” the girl on the other side of the mirror tried to argue, not looking so impressed when she did. “Besides, your dog is still out there! If those guys hurt him, I’ll hurt you for not letting me save him.”

What a valid argument, the brunette thought to herself.

That dog was like her own child, she was that kind of pet owner.

“Alright, you got me.” she muttered. “Promise we’ll switch back when you’re done.”

“Promise.” the reflection agreed with a nod. “I have my own dog to take care of, anyway. As cute as yours probably is, I love mine more.” she seemed a little too calm as she reached out on her side of the glass and pressed her hand onto it.

The human girl breathed to herself…

This was it, time to get taken away to a mirror world for a little while.

She reached her own hand onto the glass, and after a quick and strange sensation… She stared around herself anxiously. Everything looked about the same, but there were just differences in the colours around her.

A lot of red, though.

Red walls, red and black tiled floors… It was like the dark, spooky version of her own home. She looked up, to see her reflection with red eyes wave to her keenly.

“Come back here when I’m done. You’ll know.”

With that, her spooky, but oddly friendly, reflection rushed off through the house.

She might be here in this very red world for a while, so she might as well make the most of it. Her counterpart said she also had a dog… So it was worth seeing what that was going to be like here.

It was no doubt they shared a name, so the dog probably still had his own name, too. A common name for a dog, Rex.

She walked herself through a quick walk from the bathroom to her own room, and peered into the doorway. It was open in this world, since of course, no one was trying to bash down the door and probably murder her.

Her room was just as it was in her own realm.

A little messy with some clothes on the floor, but a shelf with some stuffed toys on it, a big cupboard and her cosy bed. Though everything had to look a little bit off, of course.

That including the dog laying on the bed.

Still furry and about the right size, the pup seemed to have two heads sprouting from the neck, and his tail appeared to split into two as well. But he still had the same black fur with a bit of white mixed into it.

He looked a little confused, but the wag of his tail and those blinking for eyes were some sort of assuring, just like her own Rex.

“Hi, buddy.” she waved awkwardly. “We just needed to switch places for a little bit. She’ll be back soon, but I won’t leave you by yourself!”

He shuffled along the bed without really trying to get up, to be in a place where the mirror of his owner could pet at his head. Even encouraging her by nudging her hand onto either of his heads.

Even with two heads, he was still pretty cute.


The reflection decided to be rather direct about her approach to this situation, standing readily at the staircase.

She wasn’t afraid, these people couldn’t even touch her!

People from her realm had horrifying powers that these people couldn’t even imagine, so it was no doubt they’d be made short work of.

Just one last hit, the door swung into the house aggressively, and two men stomped in together. They stopped soon enough, to notice the girl standing on the stairs.

“You been standing there the whole time?” one of them asked mockingly.

“Couldn’t even open the door for us?!” the other chimed in.

“Well, it’s not very encouraging when you’re trying your hardest to break it. Doors are expensive!” the reflection complained. Even if it wasn’t her own home, it was reason enough to get riled up.

“But,” she shrugged. “That doesn’t matter so much. One of you will die now.”

Before one of them got a chance to mock her, she launched her hand forwards, her fingers curled aggressively.

The man she pointed her hand at suddenly struggled and became stiff, he could barely move. But he ached. It got worse each second, his grunts turned into squeals.

“The hell are you doing to him?!” his friend barked, dashing forwards with a knife tugged out of his hoodie.

She was too arrogant, for this man did manage to harm her. Her hand processing the powers was slashed, from the palm to the end of her thumb. She hissed as she fell up a step, the burning on her hand was a terrible pain she never felt before.

But they had only made this worse for themselves.

She launched out her hand again, this time what looked like energy created from her own blood had gripped both of the men from their feet, leaving them to helplessly struggle.

“Ah, that’s better!” the reflection chimed eagerly. “I’ll send you far from here. At least you might learn something… If not, something far worse will happen to you.”

And with a snap of her fingers, the men vanished from in front of her in a few strong bursts of red lights and energy. She looked ahead at the door, and put the time into fixing it.

It was hard for a small woman no matter what kind of mystical powers she had, they sure weren’t built for fixing doors. But she did also make sure to complain to the council, that they needed to come and fix it properly as soon as they could.

Just one more stop until she headed back to the bathroom, she opened her mirror’s room up to peer inside. To see all the clothes messily laid on the floor, but more importantly, the pup sitting on the bed.

He was delighted to see her, scrambling across the bed to reach her and rolling around in demands of some attention.

It was a normal little border collie, black and white fur with big, cute eyes. The reflection reached down and petted at the dog with her healthy hand. “You’re even cute with just one head, Rex.” she told him happily.

But then, as promised, it was time to go home.

She couldn’t be without her own Rex anyway.

The mirror images met at the bathroom mirror once more.

“What happened?” the woman asked with wide blue eyes.

“They’re gone. And I sure hope they’ve learned their lesson.” her reflection answered with a casual shrug. “I got my hand a little hurt, but I can deal with that when I get home.” she reached her hand out to touch the mirror again, already able to see her home waiting for her.

The young woman placed her own hand back on the mirror, and just like before, the two of them switched places again. Back to where they should be.

“If you ever need help…” her reflection smiled at her eagerly. “You know where to find me!”

“Thank you!” she cheered. “I guess sometimes, you really only do need yourself.”

As if it were meant to happen, both were met by their dogs, having the same reaction of looking down at the pup rushing around their legs and giggling softly to themselves. “We can’t play now, it’s time for bed!” they both told their pets at the same time.

“Come on,”

And with that, they left their mirrors to be back in their ordinary lives again.

For now.


Short Story: At Peace

It had been a few months since the world had been mended from Hell’s attack.

A few months since Ayumu and the rest of his family from Hell had settled into their new home on Earth. It was very welcoming and warm compared to their own home, certainly. But so much to get used to.

No one was more clueless about technology than a Reaper. Both Ayumu and his father Eiji always found themselves baffled at how to send a text, how to navigate a website… It was a lot for them to get used to.

The month was October.

While the trees and leaves had gained orange colours instead of their healthy greener ones, they still looked some kind of amazing. Particularly under the soft glow of the evening, the moon was up but the skies were very clear.

It was quite bright for a night, stars covered the whole sky and the moon hung up there brightly, too.

Just wanting to take in the more relaxing and natural state of the Earth, Ayumu found himself wandering up a big hill of soft orange grass swishing around at his feet. Even if he didn’t really need to anymore, he found himself wearing his Reaper attire.

His big black cloak, and the big black boots that matched them. He was still as pale as ever, and true to having opened himself up so much, his black her wash swept back over his head to keep it out of his eyes.

He stared down at the grass at his feet until he reached the peak of the hill, and peered out into the world around him now. There was a big healthy tree at his side, the leaves all orange and yellow, warm colours.

And below his hill was a huge forest of more trees, but darkened in the light on the evening. From here, he could see the stars and the moon wonderfully. The sort of blend the sky’s colours had taken looked breathtaking.

He couldn’t help but smile to himself.

This was the first time he’d really gone off on his own to admire the Earth back in a healthier state.

And it was another time he got to think about his dearest friend Imanam…

She would have loved this. This sight, the gentle atmosphere around this place. Even if she hadn’t made it here…

Knowing this was here again made all those struggles worth it, Ayumu thought to himself.

This was his home now.

It was wonderful.

He never felt ungrateful for what he had in Hell, but the Earth had a very mystifying beauty to it that he never could have imagined before he saw it. This was the realm he would be ready to put his life on the line for again.

There was so much to see, and so much to help the humans rebuild themselves with… But stopping to take in this wonderful view was a great reminder that all their struggles were, and would continue to be worth something amazing.

His long, pointed ears twitched a little at the sound of feet stepping through the grass behind him, he turned himself to look at who it was.

Vel had found where he’d snuck off to.

“Hey,” the zombie boy greeted with a casual wave of his arm as he wandered closer. It was easy to see how blue his skin was in this light, and just how many cracks ran across his skin.

He’d opted to wear something much more casual than his little brother Ayumu, wearing a short sleeved, navy blue shirt and a pair of jeans. Sneakers on his feet. The zombie’s hair was the same as ever though, brown and pretty neatly styled across his head, getting in his face a bit.

He found himself looking up to the mixtures of purple and blue in the skies above them. “Might have known you’d come look somewhere like this. It’s real nice, though.” Vel commented. He looked to his side, his friendly green eyes locked onto Ayumu. “Hope you’re not feeling sad, out here.”

“Far from it.” Ayumu answered with a little smile. “If anything, this place is making me very happy. Just…” he glanced around again, a second time of taking in his wonderful surroundings. “We brought this back to life. We made views like this… Possible again.”

“Well… Yeah.” Vel answered, folding his arms loosely with a little laugh. He couldn’t really remember anything of the sort from his human life, so perhaps it was a good chance to take it in now.

He glanced back to his side, though. “Well, hey. Don’t stay out here too long… Come home in a little. Someone needs to make dinner, and I am not letting Eiji anywhere near the damn kitchen.”

Ayumu giggled to himself at the words, but did nod his head to agree to it. “Yes, of course.” he nodded. Vel passed him one more smile before he started walking off the way that he’d come from.

Ayumu looked back, at the sea of trees beneath this grassy hill once more…

This was certainly time he could have been spending with his family, though.

He looked back in Vel’s direction…

And started jogging his way over. “Hey!” he called out. “Wait up! I’ve got a great idea for what to cook tonight!”

A little cheesy short story, I guess a separated epilogue from the real story of Whispers of War.

But that image!

I needed to do a little something based off that image, because gosh I love how it turned out.

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Writing Prompt 7

“We could get arrested for this…” the young man complained with a roll of his eyes. This was just crazy, he and his good friend were trying to sneak into the huge stone castle of their kingdom, to just try get a quick look at one little thing.

She swore that she saw their princess with a dragon.

This was huge! If it was true, who knows what it meant for the kingdom?

“Ah, you’re just sceptical like everyone else!” the young woman grinned eagerly. She was a pretty well known rogue, a bounty hunter of sorts. Her outfit was a dark tunic with a hood atop of it, hiding her dark hair under it. But her eyes were a very luminous green.

Her good friend simply wore his own tunic, it was brown in colour to match his boots. He groaned loudly as his friend climbed off his shoulders to crawl into a window just above her.

The night was dark, but there was a lovely guide of light cast from the moon in the starry skies above.

The young man stared up at the window his rogue had vanished into for a little while, until a rope dropped down for him to grab onto. He was reluctant as he had been for this whole trip, but took hold of the rope to climb himself up the wall and through the window she’d gone into.

He stumbled onto his feet, his hands at least getting a small touch of that lovely red rug on the wooden floor as he stood up.

This room was unoccupied, but just full of fancy wooden dressers and a big mirror for one’s whole body.

His friend stood ahead of him, her hands set on her hips as she looked ahead keenly at the wooden door ahead of herself.

“And just how are we going to get through the inside of the castle without getting spotted?” he asked impatiently. “This is all from something you only caught a glimpse of! If we get arrested here, it’s all on you!”

Despite the real weight of their situation, the light threat never seemed to bother her that much. She just laughed the words off, even waving a dismissive hand at her friend. “I know what I’m doing.” she remarked. “There aren’t patrols at this level at this time of night, because the royal family are all trying to sleep.”

It was concerning how she knew that so well…

But knowing her, she’d probably studied the patrol routes and curfews for weeks in advance from now. Who really knows how long she’d been plotting this? How long ago she supposedly spotted their princess with a dragon?

It was all ridiculous, but the young man was too deep into this to try and back out now. The two of them used the wooden door to enter deeper into the castle, their surroundings became very dark. The stone staircase was right on the wall and spiralled up onto higher floors of the castle.

The both crept up the steps, while being sure no guards were here it was always safe to stop and check.

They were so close, but stopped themselves to the sound of soft talking. Whispering, only to be heard by the door it was coming from being opened up. It just sounded like distant mumbles from here, but there was no doubt that was the princess’ room.

There was also a gentle light eminating from the room, there was certainly someone else in there with her.

But perhaps that was already obvious by the lower voice chattering back and forth.

The young rogue gestured her friend to follow after her, the two of them crept carefully and against the wall, remaining in the shadows of the dark castle as they approached this one, open door.

From here they could only really see one of the wonderful rugs in the princess’ room, not much else just yet.

“Is there any way we can help him?” a male voice asked unsurely. Not a very young voice, however. Not too old, but certainly not young.

“I’m not sure.” a more delicate, female voice answered with a sigh. “He’s injured and sick… And if we show him to the people, they’ll only kill him. This is terrible, this poor thing…”

The young man listening into their current conversation could barely believe it. From how secretive they were sounding, there was absolutely no doubt that they were talking about something… Strange.

They were hiding something injured and sick, that other people would want to kill…

Almost like…

A dragon.

He was so reluctant to look to his side, to see that huge grin on his friend’s face. She was buzzing, she was right! Not many people really tended to believe her far-fetched stories, but perhaps this was a sign that she wasn’t quite the liar everyone thought she was.

“Told you!” she chimed eagerly. She peered her head around the door very slightly, to try and get a look inside. They were both too distracted to notice her, but now she’d seen it again with her own two eyes, in a clearer sight than she had before.

Resting on the big skirt of the princess’ dress was a small green dragon, though its wing looked terribly torn and it weakly lay on her lap. Its eye was twitching a lot, maybe it was struggling to sleep, too.

Despite all the trouble to get here…

It was a little sad, really.

She frowned to herself, as she glanced to her friend at her side. “…You wouldn’t know how to help a sick dragon, would you?”

He shook his head, now growing very reluctant again. “Don’t even think about it!” he hissed. “We’re probably in enough trouble just being here! I don’t want to get tangled up with that bloody reptile!”

She pouted at his response, but at least expected that sort of reaction. She turned away as she stood, leaning her back on the wall. “Well, stuff you, then.” she muttered. “I wanted to tell everybody about this, but I see I was wrong. I want to help that poor thing to make up for being… Pretty selfish.”

He wanted to stop her, he reached out and was about to scold her name, but the young woman stepped into the soft light escaping the small room.

“Perhaps it would get healthier if it was returned to its home.” she suggested rather casually, also not phased by her friend rushing to her side and standing carefully behind her.

The room they looked into was pretty big, the bed tucked against the wall was huge and there was a big window that overlooked the whole kingdom. Next to that window was a big bookshelf, and next to that a big wooden dresser.

Despite her calm tone, the older man stood from his crouch ahead of the princess and even drew out a sword to stare at the two of them, with eyes of warning. His hair was pretty short and blonde, he wore the same heavy armour as a lot of the other guards did.

“Who are you?” he asked commandingly. “You don’t look like you belong in the castle…”

“This was her idea…” the young man complained.

The rogue wasn’t going to let this turn sour, though. “We shouldn’t be here, you’re right.” she answered bluntly. “I spotted that little fellow on the princess’ lap a few weeks ago… But now I see why she has it, I wish to help you. My friend might, I dragged him this far.”

The young princess and her knight were quiet…

They exchanged glances between one another for a moment.

The knight turned himself again. “If we give you the location of this creature’s home… Will you take it there?” he asked sternly. “In fact… The princess and I will come with you. Then I can be sure you won’t be taking it just to kill it… And travelling as a group will be safer.”

“Very well.” the rogue agreed with a nod. “But… Do we get anything for this?” she asked with a sleazy grin. She couldn’t get through a good deed without making a bargain out of it, so it seemed.

“Yes.” the princess was the one to answer her. Her hair was curled beautifully, a lovely brown colour to it. “I’ll reward you with a good amount of gold once we return to the castle.”

“Noted.” the rogue nodded, she spun to her friend eagerly with a toothy grin. “Are you in?”

He stared at her, very unamused… But really, he didn’t seem to have a choice. He grumbled to himself for a bit until nodding. “Fine. Fine. Let’s hurry.” he grumbled.


With a little more sneaking through the castle, the group of four crept out into the stables to swipe a few horses and rush out of the castle’s town and into the wilderness of the night.

They started on a pathway, but drifted off onto the grass, the moon hanging wonderfully above them. The big fields of grass glowing under the moonlight soon led into a maze of trees.

And here, they had to dismount their horses to head into the forest on foot. “It shouldn’t be far now…” the princess mumbled softly. “There should be a house in the middle of the forest.”

“A… House?” the young man in the brown tunic repeated unsurely. “Since when were dragons intelligent enough, and small enough, to live in houses?” he looked unsurely at the small dragon in her arms, and glared away. “…Older ones, I mean.”

“This dragon does not belong to the creatures it was born to…” the princess answered him carefully, sorting the little reptile carefully in her arms. “A young wizard that lives in this forest on his own takes care of it. They must have been separated during some sort of attack… I found the little one a few weeks ago and just had to try and help.”

He took in her information with a small nod.

Trust a wizard to take in a dragon and do weird things like that, he thought to himself.

But regardless, this young dragon didn’t deserve to suffer and surely this wizard was very worried about his little friend.

They all set off into the forest, carefully traversing their way around the thick trees and the darkness of the night.

Not too far into the walk, they could hear deep growling from the forest around them. Not too long after, one at a time, wolves and huge, terrible insect creatures would swipe out at them.

Not only did their knight companion draw out his sword to fend them off, but even the rogue got her short sword out of her hooded tunic to try and lend him some support, while the young man and the princess made protecting the dragon their priority.

The attacks from the wildlife of the forest ended up having the groups split off, when a wolf dived between them while the others were distracted fighting off the others around them.

The young man put himself ahead of the princess, stepping off carefully.

“Run!” he insisted.

They both set off into a sprint, using the trees as well as they could to try and dodge their chaser. It was working somewhat, but eventually the wolf caught them up and dived at them viciously.

The young man put himself in the way, the way he raised up his arm to defend himself had it clamped down on ferociously by the sharp teeth of their chaser.

He yelped out at the pain, and struggled to get the thing off his arm until slamming it into a tree, stepping off and holding his burning, bleeding arm. He could hear it, more were wandering their way here, too…

But in a sudden burst of light aura, the creatures were chased off.

They all rushed back off into the darkness, and from where they were running to, a young man in a soft purple poncho and robes, with a distinctive pointed hat on his head with blue hair poking out of it appeared.

“Spike!” he blurted out almost instantly. “O-oh my goodness, your highness… Wh-what is happening? Why do you have Spike?”

“I found him a few weeks ago…” the young princess answered the wizard quietly. “He was injured. I snuck him home to tend to him, but he’s gotten sick, too…”

The wizard looked concerned, stepping forwards for a better look at his little scaly friend. He reached a hand forwards to softly pat the little green head…

And that at least seemed to make the little guy happy.

He smiled to himself, but was alerted into reality again to hear the other two screaming and running their way. With a whole herd of the wildlife chasing right after them.

“Oh dear…” he muttered. He clenched his hand to summon his magic from the ground to scare all the wildlife off again. “Come on!” he urged them all quickly.

The group all rushed off after the wizard, to reach a little opening in the forest. A river ran over a bridge close to a big, rounded house sitting on its own little island in the middle of the opening.

The inside of his house was very welcoming. The wooden floor was very clean and the red rug in the middle of the floor really made it look very homely. A lot of light came from the fire at the wall of the room.

There was a big comfortable chair next to the fireplace, the young wizard sat down at it and the little dragon rested on his lap comfortably.

“I’ll be able to help him get better.” he confirmed, namely to the princess staring his way with worry. “I’ve been working on a few potions that should speed up his recovery.”

“That’s wonderful…”

The rogue and her good friend watched from the doorway, at least glad that all this went the right way. There was a number of things that could have gone horribly wrong. But at least the wizard helped wrap up the young man’s arm.

“Was it worth it?” he asked, complaining in his voice again.

“Yeah. A happy ending.” the rogue grinned. “And even happier when I get paid for it when we go home!”

Short Story: Baby Octopus

It was always a little suspicious when things were quiet in this house.

Franz was a man that lived with his niece, and what some would call his odd choice of a pet, his baby octopus, Berry.

While certainly the young creature had a good heart, it was also still just that, young. Mischievous, always craving attention in any way that it could get some.

On this night, Franz had just hung up his white coat on a rack close to the door, and fumbled his hand on the wall to flick on the light switch. This room was the biggeset in his house, one of the walls was entirely occupied by a huge tank of water, there was a very cute little set of steps that led into it on one side.

There wasn’t much else to this room. Clean solid tiles on the floor and a very cutesy wallpaper, themed around cute cartoon aquatic life.

The blonde man wandered in, now free of the flowing white coat just left with a blue shirt rolled up to his elbows and a pair of slick, blank pants. His hair was quite a mess and a pair of goggles sat in it, a pair of scars tore through his eye. His face was totally rounded off by a rather fluffy beard, too.

He brought his attention to the huge tank taking up half of the room, leaning closer to scan his eyes around it until he could find his little culprit.

Some of his research papers had ‘mysteriously’ vanished, but really, he knew what had happened. If Berry wasn’t satisfied with the amount of play time that he got that day, then the rest of the house was going to know about it.

“Berry,” Franz started. While his voice was lightly scolding, he never sounded particularly angry. Rather calm, honestly. “If you’re going to run off with my papers, could you not make it my research, please?”

Movement swished around in the water of the huge tank, a rubber toy got bumped out of the way a little before the tiny red creature popped onto the surface of the water to look up at his carer.

Berry always looked rather happy, just by the shape of his eyes. The slits that would be his pupils always seemed slanted, in a way that made him look happy. There wasn’t much to his rounded body and short tentacles, other than the fact that the one at the very front of him was metal. It matched the others in length, though.

He stayed there quietly.

Franz folded his arms and raised a brow. “You know what I’m talking about!” he added insistantly. “Well, this is better than you taking Krista’s homework. You know how hard it is to convince her teachers that a baby octopus stole her work and got it all ruined in the water?”

Right as he finished, one of the tentacles wiggled around to drop a very wet clump of papers on the ground.

It just took Franz one little glance to see that the ink was ruined, and if he even tried to touch them they were probably just going to shred up right in his hands. He rolled his eyes, at least it was all stuff he could reproduce rather easily.

He reached into the tank to take the small creature out of it, holding him carefully in his arms. “If I play with you before bed, you’ll be good until the morning, right?” he asked unsurely. The wriggling he could feel in his arms only told him ‘yes’, so it was motivation enough to keep the young one entertained for a little while.

Perhaps if he had time to stay on top tomorrow, all of his work could stay in tact for once!

At the corner of the room that wasn’t occupied by the tank was a plastic box, full of various toys. A lot of plastic toys, more than anything. Franz carried his little friend over there before gently placing Berry back on the ground.

The little red octopus waddled off, his metal leg clicking against the tiles of the ground quietly as he rushed over to the toy box. He seemed spoiled for choice, shuffling his tentacles around the box trying to find something to grab.

Franz crawled over to look into the box too, trying to remember just which toys kept the octopus the most occupied. He always seemed to enjoy the little cars for some reason, perhaps because they were such an alien concept to his species in the first place.

Seemingly right as he thought about it, a little bright red truck was dragged out of the box and placed on the ground. Berry pushed it back and forth a few times, before pushing it at Franz.

It bumped into his leg, he looked down at it with a little smile. “Hold on,” he started. He shuffled his own hand through the box and grabbed a little plastic toy of a man. It was very thick and blocky, but a lot of them were.

“The truck can’t drive if it doesn’t have a driver.” Franz grinned a little as he opened the tiny door to the toy and placed the man inside the truck, then pushing it back across the smooth ground for it to land back in Berry’s tentacle.

It seemed to thrill him, he was even happier to push the toy around now. Not even stationary anymore, using the rest of his legs to waddle around the big room as he guided the little truck under his ‘arm’.

Franz watched closely.

Of course it was some sort of precious watching the little guy enjoy pushing the thing around so happily, it was like watching a human child play with something in a way. Octopuses were very smart creatures, one thing that Franz aimed to prove to the world.

After all, why else would Berry steal his research and drag it into his tank if he wasn’t so smart? He knew exactly what he was doing.

It was just a little while of Berry playing around with the toys, and picking out a few more and pushing them at Franz to help him get started with them until enough time had rolled along.

It ended rather instantly honestly, Berry just stopped playing and sat on the ground instead.

Franz rolled his eyes a little before he came over and picked up the little octopus, holding him carefully as he wandered over to the opening in the tank again to carefully place his little pet back down into the water again.

He stood back to admire the little creature having peacefully started sleeping so quickly…

“Good night, little guy.” he mumbled softly. “Sleep well.”

Writing Prompt Exercise 6

Another day…

The young woman sighed to herself as she shoved her door open and stepped into her house. It was always nice to hear the pattering feet of her dogs rushing her way to welcome her home again.

She placed down her bags by the door as she accepted their greetings with a few giggles, and that high pitched voice that everyone uses when they’re talking to cute animals.

Judy was a carer of a popular racer on the kart racing scene, but he’d gone off on some crazy adventure, and just left her on break and with enough cash to get her by.

When she finally managed to shoo her dogs back into the house, she dragged her groceries through the hallway and into her large kitchen, then placing the milk in the fridge, the bread in the bread bin, whatever else she needed to do.

But when she finished, turning to face one of her lovely golden retriever… She noticed he had something in his mouth. An envelope, a letter of some sorts. She reached down and took it from her pup’s mouth, fiddling it open and staring at it unsurely.

“I have no idea who that is…” she grumbled to herself. She sorted herself into a lean on the counters of her kitchen, not too far away from her big grey fridge. When she flipped the letter open and her eyes scanned through it quickly, just picking up on the keywords.

Dealing with the racer she usually lived with, she’d gotten used to scanning through big documents that he was too tired to deal with at the time.


That’s where it did get unusual.

“We’re offering a sponsorship to you, and even if you don’t wish to take it…” her eyes got wide as she read on to the last part of the letter. “In this letter we have enclosed a £2,000 cheque, as a gift to your constant charm and efforts out on the track…?”

She couldn’t really believe it.

Where on earth had this sudden windfall come from? Why the sudden reach out for a sponsorship, and even if they didn’t accept it, such a big gift? It was questionable of what to even do.

Judy was frozen at first. What should she do?

She snapped herself out of her daze to rush through her house and swiped her phone into her hands, texting her racer Marquis in desperate hopes that he could call her. If there was a need to drag him away from his crazy adventure, it was right now.

Much to her relief he responded quickly and insisted they call immediately.

Judy dragged her phone to her ear the very moment she pressed at the young man’s name to call him.

“Marquis!” she barked the second the phone stopped ringing in her ear. “Th-this is huge! You got offered a sponsorship, but on top of that… They left us a massive cheque! I’m talking £2,000!”

“What?!” he barked back pretty much instantly.

It was so much to take in within the very first sentence of the call. What the hell was he meant to say?

“…Wh-who are they?” he asked quietly, clearly in his voice just trying to get himself back together.

“I think they’re a big brand clothing company…” she explained bluntly, at least remembering their name. In fact, their brand seemed to litter the race course whenever they were there. “Very sporty.”


There was a thoughtful silence for a moment.

“Get in touch with them… Just ask them if they can wait a little and then we can talk to them a little more professionally.”

“Yeah, sounds good.” Judy agreed, nodding to herself perhaps out of habit.

“And the cheque…” Marquis went on. “…I want you to have all of it.”

“What?! Marquis-”

“Hey, hey, hear me out.” he insisted with a cool sort of mood. “You do so much for me… And heck, I’m stuck with a pair of rich people right now. I don’t think money is of my concerns.” he started explaining, it was a wonder how he sounded so calm about so much money.

Though, perhaps it wasn’t on his mind right now.

“The least I can do, after I left you for god knows how long, is to let you have this. So take it and treat yourself and the pooches. But especially yourself. Okay?”

She was speechless…

Marquis was never a bad person, but this was such a sweet gesture. It was so much money at once, it was a wonder what she could really use it for.

She even felt a tear escape her eye at this whole situation. “…Th-thank you, Marquis.” she sighed softly, a smile forced onto her face. “I’ll see what I can do with it, if you insist… You be careful out there.”

“You too, Judy.”

The call ended, and it was still so much to take in.

Judy sat in silence in her big, comfortable living room, facing the window on her big and very comfortable couch. A lot of light rushed into the room, it was a wonderful day out there.

That cheque needed to be exchanged for money sooner than later…

Judy smiled to herself keenly. “Buddy, Lucky!” she chimed, both of her dogs rushed right to her without hesitation. She petted at their heads even while they fidgeted around her to receive even more attention.

“We’re going to go for a nice, long walk.” she told them eagerly. “And I’m going to get you some really nice leads while I can! And maybe I’ll get myself that bag I was looking at a few days ago…”

They never really knew what on earth she was saying, but their tails both wagged around eagerly just at the thought of going out for a walk on such a nice day.

She’d only just gotten home really, but she was very ready to rush back out and have a great time.

All thanks to Marquis…

She was going to make sure she gave him something amazing for all this.

Short Story (Two Sides) + book reminder!

Despite being the next in line to be the greatest mind of his nation, Lylen always had issues with teamwork when he was younger.

The dark haired boy was very intelligent and seemed to have a sixth sense for design on just about anything, but when it came to working in a team, he clammed up, he got angry, he was much more stressed in general.

While his mentor Blaine was very patient with him…

He wasn’t so patient with their neighbouring kingdom’s next science lead in mind, Roderick.

That boy seemed to have it all. He was just as smart, just as in tune with design, but he was also a great team player. He would crack a joke and calmly introduce his ideas and he’d have a team following him in no time.

Lylen hated it.

He hated how it impressed Blaine so much.

Blaine was his idol and hero, who was this happy-go-lucky kid to come and steal his attention away?

It was another session in Ilpha’s labs, and all the students from the two kingdoms had been set onto tasks to get them thinking. The task to design an interesting energy source.

Not too bad, Lylen thought to himself. He slipped his pen into his hand and started jotting down various notes and scribbling down designs that came to his mind. Perhaps energy from various different elements could be harnessed, carefully translated into energy…

He was engrossed in his work, he paid no attention to the room of desks around him. He always found himself sitting at the front of the room, so he wouldn’t have to look around and see all the others around him.

The room around him was a rather big room with blue walls and clean white tiled floors. All the desks were laid out in symmetrical rows, all facing forwards to a big wall with a desk and a white board behind it.

After a little while, he finished his ideas to his liking, and placed his pen down looking rather satisfied. The quiet around him told him that all the other students in their matching white coats and silky uniforms were still going.

But glancing to his side, he could see that Roderick appeared to be finished as well. And seemed to glance his way at that right moment. Even the boy’s brown eyes looked welcoming and soft…

Lylen glared away with his much more intense yellow eyes, hidden behind his thick green glasses lenses.

“Hey,” Roderick spoke up softly. “What did you come up with?”

Lylen glared his way without turning his head, leaning himself forwards to rest his arms on his desk, to sit in a lazy slouch.

“…Element generators.” he grumbled lowly.

“Oh, cool.” Roderick answered with a small smile. He looked down at his own paper, feeling the need to explain his own ideas after having asked. “I was thinking about generators, but like… With Witches and Wizards around again, maybe their magic could help power them without them being damaging?”

There he went again…

So friendly, yet somehow, having good ideas. It infuriated Lylen every damn time.

He never answered, and glared away once more. He was such a difficult boy to try and talk to, it was a wonder how anyone could try at all.

Eventually they were stopped by their mentors, and after a brief lecture, their current lesson drew to a close and they were allowed a break at last. While most of the students rushed off in their own groups, the elven scientist Rythen had taken Roderick with him, since he was his chosen student.

It left just Lylen in the classroom with Blaine, he came to the front to stand at the desk Blaine sat behind.

The man with thick, black curly hair glanced his dark green eyes at the young boy for a moment. “You don’t seem very happy.” he commented bluntly.

“Am I ever?” Lylen puffed out a sigh.

Blaine shook his head, even a playful smile had come to him. “You are occasionally… Only when your mother is around, it seems.”

Lylen pouted at the remark, folding his arms close to his chest. “Well…”

“What’s wrong?” Blaine asked suddenly, shoving the papers he was briefly looking at away from himself to focus his attention on Lylen. He seemed to be the only one that wore a pale green coat rather than a white one. His silky blue clothes were similar to the Ilpha students, despite being their teacher.

It was hard to admit.

Lylen always had this issue, of watching that Roderick boy succeed, watching everyone enjoy his company…

While he remained secluded in his own personal bubble.

“…Do you still think… That Roderick guy is better than me?” he asked with a frown, what were usually his cold and distant eyes had gone wide with hurtful curiosity.

Blaine was honestly surprised by the remark. “Still?” he repeated unsurely. “Who has ever told you he’s better than you?”

This time it was Lylen to get a little shocked by what he heard, he stumbled around in his mind for a little bit. “W-well, it’s just, he always gets so much praise! You praise him all the time, and Rythen always does it too… I-I never get that sort of praise. I… I guess I’m a little jealous.”

Blaine sighed softly to himself, at least being calm about understanding the problem. He was a young boy, of course he was going to get a bit jealous if someone seemed to be doing things a bit better than he was.

“We praise him because he has a really good attitude.” Blaine started calmly. “He always supports the other students, even you, as much as you push it away.” he went on, leaning himself comfortably on the desk in front of him. “We praise anyone when they do well… Don’t forget that I can always commend your hard work. I just can’t praise you for being so uncooperative with your classmates, I can’t encourage you to keep acting like that.”

It was hard for Lylen to really grasp acting any differently, but at least he understood. He always seemed to let any praise at all that he got slip his mind whenever he watched Roderick getting it all.

But that was just because he deserved it. He was hardworking and always ready to help.

Lylen nodded his head slowly. “…D-do you want to get a snack with me?” he asked bashfully, his hands fumbling around unsurely with his white sleeves.

“Sure.” Blaine answered bluntly. “I could go for something right now. Come on.”

A short story based on the youth of Lylen, from my story Two Sides!

You can still buy the book here: https://www.createspace.com/7276274 And it’s also on Amazon Kindle if you’re interested!

Short Story (Prequel to Whispers of War)

It was that time that came every thousand years. The time that the Reapers would all gather together in a much more open space of Hell, to sacrifice the souls they had gathered and create the newest generation of Grim Reapers.

They were very powerful beings, often they would grow up to seek new realms, to harvest even more souls than any Reaper did in their own lifetime.

Hell was made up of black rock, all with bright glows of orange lava flowing through it and while it did loop around and the patterns varied, it all went the same way.

This empty layer of Hell was the fourth, out of the way of everything else. Just plains of the black rock. Right now, Reapers completely surrounded this plain. All forming several huge circles around it.

All of their hands formed a particular gesture, three of their fingers loosely touching while the others remained tucked into their hands. Beautiful colours of their mystical magic flowed into the ground in the middle of the huge group, towards the huge hoard of souls being held there.

They collided, a very bright light followed it.

The only demons here were close to it, the four Kings of Sin. Lamrus, the King of Arrogance, felt himself fussily covering at his eyes when the flash sounded right ahead of them. He never asked for a headache at this summoning!

But after it all cleared up…

This was no generation at all.

A single tiny skeleton sat in the middle of the whole group, sleeping on the ground for now. Like all the reapers around it, it also wore thick black robes. But it had no legs, no Grim Reaper did. They floated in place, rather than standing.

It wasn’t long before muttering started between all the Reapers. What had happened?

“Everyone, everyone.” the most powerful demon king, Velhar, spoke out loudly. He stepped forwards, his regal and silky red suit surely bringing him a lot of attention on its own. His hair was a darker red, while neatly across his head, it was very spiked to one side. It matched the look and colour of the thick beard on his chin. He stared down unsurely at the summoning. “How strange…” he muttered.

He looked back up. “We will decide what happens to this little one. We need to make up for this summoning with it somehow…” he explained briefly. He really didn’t know what they were going to do.

Would this one get much more intensive training than all the others got? Last generation there were too many of them, and negligence proved to be dangerous concerning the disasters caused by Geeara…

But right now, he was a mere legend.

He watched as his announcement had given a lot of the Reapers permission to leave. A lot of them rather disgruntled, complaining that their hard work all felt it was for nothing.

Velhar looked back down to the child again, not turning to all of his brothers joining his side.

“Perhaps we need to raise it more closely.” Verne, the king of deceit suggested quietly. He sorted his big round glasses on his face as he spoke. They all wore the same sort of silky red suits, Verne’s dark red hair was tied at the back and even braided. But none of it hung in his face too much.

“Bah! That’s ridiculous.” Leore complained, the king of greed folded his arms. He certainly didn’t like the idea of raising a child. “We should just give it to some of the Reapers again. The ones that always train these things.”

The four of them loosely bickered between each other of what they should do. It looked hopeless, this had never really happened before. There had been too many Grim Reapers before, but definitely not too few.

In the crowd of the Reapers that were leaving, one had turned around to come back their way.

Anyone in Hell probably knew this Reaper, it was Eiji. Many told him to be the strongest of his generation. His black robes bounced around heavily while he stormed over to the bickering kings, they didn’t notice him for a while.

“Hey!” the black haired Reaper yelled for their attention, they all turned to him quickly. His yellow eyes scanned across them carefully, before looking down to the problem at hand.

“What is it, Eiji?” Velhar asked patiently. “What brings you back here?”

The man with big red circle markings rushing through his eyes was quiet, still staring down at the child for a bit… That was it, he was just a child. They were only going to force him into harsh training that would likely drive him insane if he didn’t step in.

He crouched down, taking the tiny Grim Reaper into his arms and looked at the kings blankly. “You want to know what to do with him?” he asked sternly. “I’ll take him. Let me raise him.”

The four kings were startled by the demand at first, the unsure glances they all exchanged surely gave that away.

But then again…

Eiji had looked after the Sage of the Earth, as he was restored as a zombie. And he had his own son, too! Perhaps he wouldn’t be such a bad place to leave the little one.

“It gets him off our back!” Leore grinned eagerly.

“Leore, please…” Verne complained quietly. He stepped ahead to be at the same place as his eldest brother. “I feel confident leaving the little one with you. Will you train him, as well?”

“Yeah… I guess I have to.” Eiji answered with a nod. But his attention was more fixed on the child he was holding. It was so small, and still soundly sleeping, at that.

“Very well, he is your responsibility now.” Velhar agreed to this insanity with a nod. He really wasn’t too sure how this was going to go, but this wasn’t a bad idea at least. “Feel free to ask for any changes, or to even give him back should you need to.”


They disbanded, the kings watched the Reaper take the child off with him, ready to settle him into a new home.

Lamrus ran a hand through his dark, black hair. “This is nuts.” he muttered. “One Grim Reaper at the summoning, and then Eiji Rendred of all peoples comes to claim it!”

“I have confidence he knows what he’s doing.” Velhar spoke up once more. His golden eyes stared off  into the plains that led back up to the higher layers of Hell. He could only try and imagine how this was going to go…

Whatever happened, it had to be better than what came of the last summoning, and the terrible legends of the rogue Grim Reaper Geeara.

This was a little short story about an event before my bigger story, Whispers of War! You can find that on Wattpad for now, if you’re interested.

But yeah, enjoy!

Writing Prompt Exercise 5

When he lifted his head, she barely recognised him for the bruises. This couldn’t have gotten worse.

She’d stormed out after they had an argument. It should have ended like any other silly fight, they’d split off for a few hours and then she’d come back and be able to apologise…

But this time, it already started badly.

On her way home from her friend Robyn’s house, she was trying to call him. The first few times, nothing. But then finally, someone did pick up. It wasn’t his voice, a grim voice that told her “fuck off” and hung up immediately.

She called for the police right after, and instructed them to pick her up and take her there with them.

She needed to know that he was okay.

The street was dark and cold, she was quick to crawl into the police car the very moment that it stopped at her side. Their sirens blared loudly, the whole thing was just a blur of worry to her.

All the way there, she was just praying that everything was okay.

And that was what led to it…

To her seeing him lift himself up at last, almost unrecognisable behind all the bruises those terrible men had left him. They weren’t that much bigger or stronger than him, but they outnumbered him easily and clearly pulled none of their punches.

All three of the criminals were dragged out by the police, out of this flat that used to be so clean. So much was broken and damaged now. Pictures around the room, the TV, and an expensive vase trashed on the floor.

“Wh-what happened…?” she asked weakly.

He shook his head. “Those guys.” his voice was terribly weak. “They broke in acting like I knew them…” he tried to make the joke, the laugh just turned into a painful cough. “Never seen the bastards before…”

She studied him carefully… He didn’t seem to be lying. It was a wonder why they could do something so terrible…

Without a warning at all, her dearest fell fowards, she shuffled quickly to be in place to catch him. To feel him laying limp in her arms, she couldn’t stop herself from bursting into tears at the very moment.

He was so terrible bruised, a busted nose and generally so bloodied up. When did this happen? Why did they have to have another stupid fight tonight of all nights?

Eventually the police managed to drag her off her partner, and had to stay with her while she desperately wailed for all of this to blow over. She desperately hoped that all of this was just another stupid incident, nothing bad would come of it.

From then, the long night was just another blur of worrying.

She refused to go back home.

She refused to leave this hospital without any updates on his situation.

After being left to wait in the lobby for so long, she was finally approached by one of the staff. The big white coat certainly must have highlighted him as a doctor. “Ma’am,” he greeted politely. “I’ve some bad news…”

“P-please, no…” she begged, feeling the tears coming back again.

He was hesitant to tell her, but he had to. “…He’s not going to make it.” he muttered, lowering his head as he said it. “It’s doubtful that he’ll wake up at all now. I’m sorry.”

She took the news silently…

Despite these tears trickling down her face, she never made a sound.

“…Can I come see him… One last time…?” she asked quietly.

“Yes, of course. Come with me.”

The young woman stumbled up and followed after the doctor in silence. There was nothing for her to say, nothing for either of them to say. What happened here was a tragedy, and one that couldn’t have been saved.

“Take all the time you need.” the doctor told her gently, patting at her back to encourage to her step into the room.

She heard his footsteps take him down the hall again, and she was left in the doorway of this miserable room. Just one bed being used, machines around it bleeping slowly. Very slowly.

She wandered in slowly, her feet quietly tapping against the tiled ground and past the empty beds to reach the only one being used. The room was dim, the light not helping too much, the curtains at the window shutting out the darkness.

When he reached the bed, she anxiously reached out her hand to sit on top of his motionless one. “I’m so sorry.” she sighed softly. “We’ve fought over stupid things before, but I never thought arguing over the rent was going to lead up to this…”

Of course, there was no answer.

The only other sound in the room was the sound of the machines beeping. The monitor beside the bed slowly losing the bouncing lines.

“I hope you don’t die thinking I hate you.” she went on miserably. “Because I never have. I’ve loved you since the first day we spent together… And I’m so sorry that I let it come to this.” her hold on his hand tightened slightly.

She felt her tears really well up when his hand attempted to move under hers, but seconds after it did, the monitor at his side stopped beeping… And gave out one long sound.

The green line had gone flat. No more bounces, no more life.

She used her free hand to hold her head, to try wipe at her eyes as she couldn’t stop herself from crying once again.

Things shouldn’t have been like this.

Writing Prompt Exercise 4

“You have his eyes.” she said softly, when the heated argument had finally blown over.

Her young, teenage son was startled by the sudden soft voice, the sudden solemn words. “Wh-what?” he asked, fighting back the tears in his eyes. “This whole argument started because he left! Wh-why do you need to say that?!”

She remained calm. While she was smiling, there was such sadness in her eyes… She looked like she’d break into tears at any given moment. She sat herself down on the couch behind her slowly. “That man used to be my everything…” she mumbled. “I loved him. I couldn’t wait for you to look up to him, and want to be like him.”

The boy stared in what started as scorn, but it turned into sadness. Why would he look up to a coward that left his family to fend for themselves, to struggle to earn any money at all?

His arms folded, so he could grip his baggy sleeves roughly and avoid any more big outbursts. They were going through enough, he didn’t need to be another burden on his mother right now. “…Y-you need to forget about him.” he spoke again at last, his hands loosening their grip on his sweater. “He’s nothing but trouble. It’s just me and you now.”

She was silent at first, daydreaming. Staring at the wall, barely even moving.

She looked back at her son again, having taken in his words. Her own sweater was hiding her hands in it, her whole posture closed into herself. “…It’s hard.” she muttered. “I wanted a life with him. With you. A family…”

“You have a family!” the boy barked. “I’m your family!”

That was the final line to be tread.

The mother collapsed into her own arms, sobbing loudly to herself. How could she be so stupid? Everyone around her always said that man was nothing but trouble. As soon as he’d wasted away his gambling addiction, all the money she gave him, he left.

He never even said anything, he just left a note to declare his leaving.

“Fuck…” the boy muttered to himself. He inched himself forwards to sit on the couch at his mother’s side, and carefully placed a hand on her back. “I-I’m sorry,” he started with a bit of a panic. “I’m just so angry. You’ve given up so much for me… And I’m just so angry that anyone could do this to you.”

Her sobs got quieter, she finally gained the strength to lift herself up, and wipe at her eyes. Even finding a smile again. “In a way… You’re more a man than he ever has been…” she mumbled to herself.

He was surprised, but couldn’t help smiling at the comment. This was all he wanted… For her to adapt to life without that stupid man. He never liked him, he was just greedy and never put himself at risk for anybody.

But here, his wonderful mother… If she had to give up her own happiness to give her son even the slightest bit of joy, she would do it. There’d been several times where she was going to get herself something, but her son asked for something too. Not wishing to disappoint him, she’d put away what she wanted just to get what he asked for.

It was only in recent years that he really understood that.

“I’ve got to go to work.” he told her softly, standing from his place on the couch. “Take it easy, since it’s your day off… Watch those stupid soap operas you always watch.”

“They’re not stupid…” she retaliated calmly. “They’re interesting.”

You just cheated on me for the fifth time!

He couldn’t keep mocking in his squeaky voice for too long, before his mother threw one of her cushions at him to have him stop, the two of them laughing through it together.

It was on that note that the young boy left for work, it was a great thing to leave on at least.

But when he was done…

He had an idea.

He’d been thinking about this for a while, and now that his lowlife father was gone, he’d be able to do it!

Downtown, he wandered the busy streets, by a lot of the more famous stores until reaching the end of the street. Separated off from all the stores was one particularly big building, it might as well have had its own street.

The teen wandered his way in the big, metallic building, hands tucked in the pockets of his neat work uniform. He was just a retailer, but it was a good enough job for him. When he stepped into the building, he stepped right through the big room to reach the counter at the side.

“Hey,” he greeted. “Could I have a look at what you’ve got?”

“Yes, of course.” the man at the counter answered bluntly, as he’d just finished scribbling something down one the papers in front of him. Looking up is when he really recognised the boy, a bit of a bright smile coming to him. “Think this is the day?”

“It is, yeah.” the boy nodded. “I just need the perfect one!”

With permission, he walked away from the reception area and into the main chunk of this huge building… A huge set of lanes of cages, all with different sorts of pets just waiting to be adopted.

His mother loved dogs. She had one when she was younger, before he was born. She always preached that rescue dogs were so much more deserving of what they had, and today was the day this boy would make her proud.

It was hard to walk by, and watch them all get excited and bounce forwards, barking and whining for his attention as he walked by. They were all very cute, that was for sure. But he needed the right one. The one that needed him and his mother more than the others.

It was about halfway down his walk that he peered into a cage… And saw one timid dog, perhaps the only one that hadn’t dashed forwards when he got closer. He wondered why to start with, his head tilted as he grew more curious. He stepped closer to this cage and crouched by it. “Hey.” he spoke softly. “What’s wrong, little guy?”

It was when he approached it that it seemed to get more excited. But when it stood from laying in the corner, it could be seen that this poor grey husky only had three legs. It hobbled to the front of the cage, licking at the teenager’s hand whenever it could.

He watched it with a light smile… This was the one.

“I’ll be right back.” he spoke with a grin.

He went through the process of going back to the front and explaining which he wanted. He received some papers, paid what he had to and of course got a brief explanation of the dog he was taking.

She was a timid thing, but really perked up upon getting attention. Quick approaches seemed to startle her, so it was best to be gentle and slow. She was the type to quickly get affectionate and lay around with her owner, too.

It was perfect.

The boy took his new friend on her soft red leash, to get her home.

After her first walk, the boy opened up the door to his house and whispered to his new dog to be quiet. This was going to be a surprise, he’d been saving up for this for weeks. He peered himself into the front room, to see his mother was still there.

Now in a change of pyjamas, at least she looked comfortable. “Hiya.” she greeted. “You’re a bit late. Go out with your friends for a bit?”

“No…” he answered with a playful roll of his eyes. “But I made a new one.”


Making his reveal, he wandered into the room with his new husky. The gasp from his mother was a big one, she had no idea what was really happening, if this was even real. That dog was beautiful…

She hobbled over to the woman carefully, her tail started wagging around gently when her hand reached out to softly pet at her head.

“Jason…” she muttered through tears of disbelief. “You…?”

“She’s ours now.” Jason smiled warmly. “We don’t need that rat in this house… But we need someone like Peggy here… To keep our spirits up.”

He expected to be left rambling for a while but instead was dragged into a hug by his mother, she hugged onto her precious son tightly. She’d darted off her seat to reach him.

“Jason… You’re amazing. I love you.” she mumbled, as best as she currently could. She felt a little nudge at her leg, letting go of her son and looking down to see that lovely dog he’d brought back home. “You’re going to love it here, I’m sure!”

Writing Prompt Exercise 3

“He was unconscious when I found him!” the young woman insisted, she’d been dragged into a whole detective case just by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. “How many times do I have to tell you that?”

“Please, young lady, I’m sorry for asking so many questions.” the detective responded to her, almost tonelessly. He’d probably been through this routine a thousand times at this point. “I just need to have absolute confirmation of what happened. The young man surely could have died today, had you not called us to come get him.”

The young woman watched the man in his slick black suit carefully, taking a breath after inhaling the tobacco from his cigarette and clouding the air in the dark, small room with smoke. Unpleasant, but he probably wasn’t worth arguing with.

This room only really had one light, a big table and a chair on each side. The door would breathe much light into it if it was open.

“…Is he okay?” the woman asked, out of anxious habit her hand reached up to brush her brown, wavy hair behind her ear. She was a short woman, not the slimmest either, but relatively normal. She wore a hoodie and jeans, today was just meant to be a normal day, after all.

The dark haired detective was silent for a moment, staring off into nothing before turning to her and giving her a little nod. “He’ll be okay.” he answered bluntly. “While you certainly did find him unconscious, it was nothing more. He doesn’t even seem to be injured.”

That was of some comfort, at least. She couldn’t really help but think back to all this just a few hours ago.

She was just minding her own business as usual, on her way home from a quick trip down to the shops to get some simple supplies, some bread and some milk. But something was off, a little out of town…

She decided to investigate, and that’s how she had herself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

There was a group of young people all grouped around, they all fled immediately on the sight of someone wandering over. Checking what on earth they were standing over was… That unconscious young man. She had so many questions, but she panicked and called for help quickly.

And that brought her where she was.

Suddenly, the door opened up and flooded the small and dark room with light at last. It was opened up by one of the guards here. “Sir, could you take our witness to see some suspects we’ve just got hold of?”

“Yes, of course.” the detective answered quickly. He gestured to his anxious witness to stand herself up and follow him out of the room.

She did obey, not really trying to show how glad she would be to be out of that room that was slowly filling up with that guy’s cigarette smoke. Maybe he needed it to stay so calm, but she sure didn’t need it filling up her lungs as it was.

She wandered closely behind him, not to get lost in this maze of a facility. The rooms outside of that interrogation chamber were much brighter, much more welcoming. They even had some pretty nice carpets.

The carpets never lasted too long, though.

They reached a new room, which changed from carpets to clean tiled flooring, and looked through a big window into another big room. This window and its wall seemed to completely split these rooms in half.

But the very moment she really looked over there, she was shocked. Those faces she’d only caught a slight glimpse of, she knew exactly who they were! “It’s them!” she barked immediately. “All three of them were there when I found him!”

“Is that so?” the detective asked curiously. “Sources are telling us that someone knocked the boy out… And ditched him out there, where you found him.” he explained what they had so far. It wasn’t much to go off, but if these really were the correct suspects, things could have started to become much clearer.

The detective’s cigarette wore too short, he pressed it down atop of a trash can before throwing the remains inside of it. “I’m going to be talking to them all.” he said bluntly. “If you want to check on the boy, go ahead. I can tell you’re worried.”

She watched him leave so calmly after he’d said that, he wasn’t even a little bit phased. On top of that, he easily read her thoughts like that… There really was no doubt he’d been through this sort of thing hundreds of times.

The young woman sighed to herself. She could have asked to get out of here right now, really. She could be done with this absolute mess… But she needed to know if that boy was going to be okay.

She paced herself through the station carefully, to reach the room he was being held in… Just like the one she was just in, it was tiled flooring and very clean walls. She felt very awkward to push open the door, expecting many eyes to set on her…

But no one else was in here right now. Just that boy, laid out on a long chair, currently laid down flat.

She crept closer, to study him carefully. She hadn’t really taken the time to study him properly before, he had pretty nice blonde hair and a piercing in his nose. His clothes were a little like hers too, hoodie and jeans.

She sighed to herself. “What happened to you?” she asked quietly. “I sure hope you don’t forget who you are, or anything like that…” the very thought of it was daunting. She shook her head. “You can stay with me if it comes to that, I guess. Until we find out who you are.”

But for now, she could only analyse him here and ask herself more questions as to who this boy really was.